COVID-19 Community Court Rep

My name is Vince Young, and I’m your COVID-19 Community Court rep. I’m a junior studying Biochemistry & Cell Biology on the pre-med track. I decided to join the Covid Community Court to help keep everyone safe and to keep Rice open for the entire semester.

Rice’s COVID-19 Community Court is made up of one student from each residential college, selected by the college presidents, CJs, and magisters and trained by Student Judicial Programs. The CCC is partnered with SJP, and we are specifically responsible for adjudicating reports of low-level Culture of Care violations across campus, like failure to wear face coverings or gathering in groups above the safe number. Findings of In Violation by the CCC do not go into a student’s disciplinary record at Rice and assigned penalties may be either educational or monetary. Higher-level violations – like repeated refusal to comply with the Culture of Care Agreement or intentional disregard for public health – are sent to the SJP for more serious adjudication and more permanent consequences.

Reports of violations come from you; they’re made through a form on the SJP website ( asking for details about who is involved, what happened, and when. You are encouraged to be as specific as possible so that appropriate and timely decisions can be made. While we can see your contact information on this form, we will not reveal this information to the subject of a violation. We are depending on you to keep the best interest of your peers in mind; it is up to the community to keep each other safe.

The CCC will also serve as a resource for information about the Culture of Care Agreement. If any questions arise regarding application of the Agreement and expectations, please contact one of the CCC members, like myself. We will serve as liaisons between core facilitators of the Agreement and students, such as through letting our colleges know of updates.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to change, the CCC will serve as a starting point for managing student life and ensuring that the student experience is safe for everyone on campus. If you have any questions – about us, the CCC, or the Culture of Care Agreement – feel absolutely free to reach out to myself or any of the other CCC representatives (listed below). We are here for you, so let us know what we can do. In the meantime, stay safe! Wishing you the best for the fall semester!


Vince Young, , 856-381-1696