College Court

When an altercation happens at Martel (say a window is broken, chairs are thrown off the sundeck, a fight ensues, a private party gets out of hand, RUPD comes by, etc), the College Court steps in to resolve the issue internally before it goes to SJP. Composed of a Chief Justice (CJ) and 6 Associate Justices, the Court tries to uphold the Code of Student Conduct by providing security during public and private parties, making sure all Martelians know what constitutes a violation of the Code, educating Martelians on the Alcohol policy, charging Martelians on damages, holding trials for disputed charges, etc.

We are your friends, and we’re really just here to make sure everyone’s safe and happy. We should be the first people you contact when in the presence of unruly behavior.

Contact the Chief Justice, Chris Yau, at 301-520-9110 | cty1 

Martel Associate Justices 2020-2021:

JJ Odell 843-597-6731  | jjo2
John Elizarraras 208-863-7252  | jme10
Sonia He 983-689-3198  | zsh1
Christian Salameh 830-265-8683 | ces22
Roy Montemayor 956-545-1623  | rfm5
Mark Abboud 330-256-0489 | maa23