Hi Martel!

Welcome to “Martel, A History”. We Historians document every event that can, and will occur, on our college premise. We are the eyes, ears and recorders of every great occurance, every embarrassing moment, every tear-jerking scene, but most importantly: EVERY BEER BIKE (MBYM). You think no one saw you running with a diaper in the middle of a flash flood? We did, and we have it on camera.

But we’re not keeping all this picture gold to ourselves. As much as we’d love to use this job to blackmail all of Martel into following our demands, we figure that might make Parliament a little awkward. So instead, we’ll be sharing the memories with you guys via the brand new Martel Historians Facebookpage. We’ll be tagging photos, so bring your best Martel, we’re watching you. Yes, we are also on Instagram.