Senior Committee

Hey, everyone we are the chairs of Martel’s Senior Committee! As implied by our name, our business is senior business. We are dedicated to both making the last year of college for Martel’s undergraduates an unforgettable experience and to leaving behind a legacy for future Martelians. The classes before us have left us with some lofty goals, but we are excited to meet them. For one, we hope to receive donations from 100% of Martel’s senior class toward the Rice Annual Fund and towards leaving behind a gift worthy of our home for these past few years. And, in addition to holding up the traditions of Martelians past, we hope to create a few of our own. Throughout the school year we will be hosting a number of events, everything from tailgates to casino nights, to facilitate senior class pride while at the same time strengthening our bonds with Martel’s underclassmen. If you’re interested in helping us out or have any ideas of your own, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d like as many people as possible to work with us, because we want everyone to feel like they made this senior class one for the record books. Get ready, Martel, because we have one hell of a finale in store.