Martel has a lot of awesome traditions and events that happen year round (check out the Prime Minister’s calendar for the details). These events would be impossible without the Committees. The Committee Heads plan and implement events, resources, and programming for all of Martel to enjoy. Committees can also submit budget requests here

2017 Martel Committee Heads

Alumni/AssociatesРAthena Xu, XingYue Wen, Briley Mullin, Claire Peng, Elisabeth Kalomeris, Guillermo Amtmann

Culturals– Angel Zhang, Emma Min, Megan Wong

Environmental– Kim Wood, Su Chen Teh

Food, Kitchen, and Laundry Reps– Justin Tang, Lavan Rajan, Rishi Sinha, Sarah Berton

Historian– Ellie Mix, Kaysie Tam, Miao Zhang

Improvements– Errol Jordheim, Gigi Rill, Matt Thibodeau

Merchandise– Ellie Mix, Hannah Yu, Jessica Yuan, Kristi Maulding, Michael Moran

Newsletter– Athena Xu

Senior– Aya Rossano, Elliot Baerman, Lavan Rajan, Tim Marshall

Service– Sarah Berton, XingYue Wen, Manmitha Gundampalli

Spirit– Anna Lopez, Ian Frankel, Jackie Richards, Russell Kielawa, Sofia Gereta, Vy Nguyen

Sports– Sage Simmons, Selase Buatsi

Socials–¬†Andrew Stefani, Christie Ballew, Nisha Patel, Tim Marshall

Tech– Alex Kim, Steve An, Tori Joshi, Zack Lee

Traditions– Peter Rizzi, Ria Sur, Sadie Richardson, Zach Bodek