Associates Committee

Check out our awesome associates Here!

The Associates Committee here at Martel is devoted to creating and developing relationships between current Martelians and non-Martelian adults. These non-Martelians come in three flavors: Rice staff members, Rice faculty, and community associates. These three flavors also include Martel alumni in each category. These associates are a resource, socially, academically, personally, spiritually, and every other “-ally” that you can imagine. They come to lunches often, and they love to talk to undergrads, so don’t be afraid to talk to them; that’s what they’re there for!

If you think you have an awesome professor or staff member, or an amazing person not employed by Rice, that you think would be beneficial to the community at Martel, let us know and we will do our best to bribe them into joining the best college on campus.

Some events that specifically bring together associates and Martelians include the Associates Nights in the fall and spring, and the finals’ study breaks each semester, where associates bring some of the best homemade food (Officer White’s queso is awesome).

We are working on getting biographies on each of the associates, and we will post those here and in the commons somewhere, so you can know all of the great people that choose to be a part of our college for no other reason than they are awesome.

If you want to help plan any events for associates, have any ideas about associates, want to be involved more with who the associates are, or anything else ever having to do with our associates, please contact us! We can always use extra help, we are totally open to new ideas, and we willingly give out new student service hours.