Spirit Committee

*in a sing-song voice* Martel, Martel, Martel, Martel!!

Hey y’all! The Spirit Committee graces Martel with college-spirited paraphernalia, as well as extreme enthusiasm for every holiday under the sun (including your birthday!). We’re basically here to make sure your Martelian/Greek blood runs maroon and baby blue, through and through. When classes are stressing you out, come roast some marshmallows to your liking and chow down at a Spirit study break. When other students tell you that Martel is not a college, we will help you spell out your Martel pride in holiday lights for all of campus to see. When you can’t imagine living in any other college, come celebrate with us during Greek Week at Martel’s birthday party and a killer man-geant. If you have any ideas of how to increase Martel spirit, feel free to shoot us an email. Check your email and the Martel calendar for upcoming events, and never forget that MBYM.