The Executive Council

The Executive Council is composed of the President, Vice President, Prime Ministers, Treasurers and Secretaries. They meet on a weekly basis and are responsible for setting the budget, approving appointments, serving as leaders for the Martel community, and working with university staff to ensure smooth sailing.

President Dylan Dickens
Vice President Russell Kielawa
Prime Minister Jacqui Lee
Treasurers Akhil Surapaneni
Vincent Gonzales
Secretaries Elisa Arango
Eric Shi

Class Representatives

The majority of Parliament is composed of the Class Reps. Each class elects four representatives to serve on Parliament. Rising Class Reps are elected in the Spring semester, and the freshman class elects their representatives shortly after arrival on campus during their first Fall semester. Representatives serve as voting members during weekly sessions and are charged with representing the interests of their class in addition to serving Martel with committee participation.

Senior Class Toni Smith
Elliot Baermann
Kevin Tracy
Tim Marshall
Junior Class Thresa Skeslien-Jenkins
Matt Thibodeau
Errol Jordheim / Luke Connors /
Zach Bodek
Sophomore Class Sarah Berton
Jonathan Bunt
Nisha Patel
Justin Tang
Freshman Class TBD

Non-voting Members

These members do not hold a vote in Parliament, but serve other functions at Martel (Chief Justice) or serve as representatives of Martel to various campus-wide organizations.

Chief Justice Gabrielle Falcon
Student Association Senator Tanner Reese
Rice Program Council Rep Angel Zhang
Honor Council Rep  Jake Reinhart 
U-Court Rep Colin Losey
O-Week Coordinators Yovahn Hoole
Thresa Skeslien-Jenkins
Josh Sorge
Parliament Food Rep Guillermo Amtmann