LEGO-Week 2020!

Mission Statement

Through Martel LEGO-Week, we hope to give new students the building blocks to begin their journey here at Rice. Throughout their time at Rice they will gain new experiences, find unexpected friends, and be introduced to numerous resources that will each be integral in building their own future. The diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community at Martel will empower students to use these elements to create their unique Rice experience. They might step on some legos along the way, and although it may sting, every block adds to their journey. Martel’s Advisors and Co-Advisors will exemplify the Culture of Care by being vulnerable and lending new students pieces of their own stories, from struggles to adventures, to give them the support to thrive. Martel LEGO-Week will give them the pieces and we can’t wait to see what they will create!

Meet The Coordinators

Before, during, and after O-Week, you will get to know and interact with a number of students and adults who will assist you throughout your transition to Rice. Many such individuals have put in a great deal of extra time to ensure that your experience at Rice is both memorable and successful. Among these students, three act as the foundation upon which your O-Week is built. Each college has three O-Week Coordinators, chosen to oversee the preparation and execution of O-Week for their college as well as collaborating with other colleges on larger, campus-wide events. These three Coordinators, selected in November, have spent the last eight months, meeting online and spending part of their summers in Houston, planning your first week at Rice. From choosing the theme and the mission, to interviewing and selecting the Advising team, to rooming New Students, creating a schedule and writing these O-Week books, all 33 Coordinators on campus have dedicated unquantifiable effort for you, the Rice Matriculating Class of 2020. In addition to your Advisors, the O-Week Coordinators are available to answer any questions you may have about O-Week and transitioning to Rice. After O-Week they will continue to be a resource you can reach out to for anything big or small and will continue to support you in anyway they can.

Click the picture to meet each of your amazing Coords!