Martel Spaces: COVID-19 Guidelines


For this semester, only 4 people will be permitted in the kitchen at one time. Due to health concerns, eating meals will NOT be allowed in the kitchen as the kitchen is an enclosed area, which has a potential high risk. Individuals will be allowed to cook their food, but will have to leave the kitchen area to an outdoor location or their individual rooms to eat. As always, please be sure to wear a mask and to clean the materials you use while cooking in the kitchen. 


Game Room/TV Room

Game Room: To minimize unnecessary interactions, please enter the game room through the outside double doors. Only 4 people are allowed to play pool or ping pong at a time; similarly, only 3 people can use the gaming area. Do NOT move the furniture to sit closer to your friends–it’s specifically arranged to adhere to physical distancing guidelines and keep everyone safe. Prior to using any equipment in the game room (controllers, ping pong paddles, pool cue, etc), please apply hand sanitizer, and following your game, use the provided cleaning supplies to wipe down any and all surfaces you came into contact with. Exit the game room using the door that leads to Stairway D. As always, you must wear a mask at all times.


TV Room: Enter and exit the TV room using the door from the rotunda. Do NOT use the door connecting the TV room and game room to go back and forth between rooms–this increases the chance of contamination and makes it harder to ensure everyone’s safety. Only 10 people can be in the TV room at a time. Like in the game room, do NOT move seating to be closer to your friends in order to maintain physical distancing. After you are done with the room, use the provided cleaning supplies to wipe down and sanitize the seats + remote, and of course, always wear a mask while in this space!


Laundry Room

Only 2 people may be in the laundry room at any given time. The door to the laundry room should remain closed when not in use. If you decide to do laundry, please make use of the sanitation supplies available before, during, and after entering the laundry room. Prop the door open with the doorstop when you go in; this allows other students to know the room in use. If the door is open and you see only one Martelian inside, you may enter. Otherwise, please wait OUTSIDE in the QUAD near the corridor entrance until the room is available. Do NOT wait in the corridor leading to the laundry room and do NOT exceed the laundry room capacity of 2. The goal is for Martel to do laundry as quickly and efficiently as possible (Students will not be permitted to use the drying racks this semester aka do not leave clothes lying around). When putting your clothes into a machine, use the provided Expo markers and write your name on the designated label; this ensures no one mixes up laundry and prevents any unnecessary contact with others’ belongings. Erase your name when finished. If you are the only person doing laundry, close the door when you leave to indicate that the laundry room is available.


Weight Room

No exercising will be allowed in the weight room this semester. However, students will be allowed to borrow weights from the weight room for workouts. If you borrow weights, you are expected to take them to the designated outdoor workout area and return them to the weight room right after you finish your workout. The outdoor workout area is located in the Martel backyard and can be accessed by exiting behind Martel through the door in the commons or the rotunda stairway. You are not allowed to bring the weights to your suite, apartment, or any location other than the outdoor workout area. When returning the weights, you must sanitize them using the cleaning supplies in the weight room following sanitation guidelines. Off-campus students are also allowed to borrow weights, as long as they follow the rules outlined in this paragraph.


Computer Room/Printing

All students at Martel (on and off campus) are allowed to use the computers and printer in 319. Students should only use the stairs closest to 319 (Staircase B going down, Staircase C going up) to access the space. Do not linger on the floor any longer than you need to be. If possible, print items from your room and go to 319 to retrieve them. While in the space, please disinfect anything you will use before you touch it and you must keep your mask on at all times. Please refrain from using the computers for more than 3 hours at a time to allow for other people to use the computers. Only use 319 to use the computers or print an item. Do not use 319 to study using your own personal laptop or other materials. After using the space, please disinfect anything you have touched. If you notice the space has reached max capacity, please wait outside until someone leaves or come back at another time. If it is an emergency, please ask someone to step out while you use the space. 



When using the rotunda, disinfect any surfaces before and after you use them. When sitting at tables or on couches, make sure you maintain a 6 feet between you and the next person. Do not move any furniture, avoid congregating in this area and keep your mask on at all times.



Before using the piano, please make sure to keep all surfaces clean by wearing a mask while playing and sanitizing your hands before and after touching the keys. Gloves will also be provided, but using gloves while playing the piano is not mandatory. Only one person will be allowed to play the piano at a time to maintain physical distancing guidelines. Special piano cleaning supplies will be provided, so you will be able to wipe the piano keys before and after every use. Please do not use any other cleaning equipment on the piano to minimize damage to the instrument.



As per Dean Gorman’s word, eating in the Martel Commons or any college commons is not allowed until stated otherwise. The Commons are still available as a space for students and masks are mandatory. Please do not move the furniture, such as the tables or the chairs, in the Commons to sit closer to your peers; all furniture was especially placed in consideration of the physical distancing guidelines for everyone’s safety. The Private Dining Room (PDR) and Martel Library are open and accessible to students, but once again, please be mindful of the maximum occupancy of those rooms. The PDR has a maximum occupancy of 8 and the Martel Library has a maximum occupancy of 6. As always, please do physically distance yourself from others in these enclosed spaces and wear a mask. When travelling out of the hallway containing the PDR and the Martel Library towards the suites, you are permitted to walk across the second floor to the laundry room staircase in the case you need to go up to your room. If you need to go downstairs, please proceed to use the rotunda staircase. 


**Off-campus students are welcome to use these spaces provided they adhere to the guidelines outlined above 🙂


We understand that these guidelines may be difficult to remember at times, and that is totally fine. We encourage y’all to remind each other about them and help each other out, reaching out to us if you have any questions!