Broadway ShO-Week



Mission Statement

Broadway ShO-Week will work to incorporate the incoming class of Martelians into our family, welcoming them into a cohesive, diverse, and lively community which makes each individual feel valued. Whether they prefer being center stage, working behind the scenes, or providing music from the pit, each person’s unique contribution is equally essential to putting on a successful show. Throughout the course of O-Week 2019, New Students will be introduced to a network of mentors, peers, and friends, making authentic connections which they can rely on throughout their time at Rice and beyond. Broadway ShO-Week’s Advisors and Co-Advisors will be open, considerate, and sincere about their experiences and struggles, establishing a foundation of resources and a line of communication for both the New Students and each other. We hope that from Broadway ShO-Week, New Students will be prepared to make their mark on Rice and have the tools needed to succeed in their endeavors through this challenging academic, social, and personal transition. Broadway ShO-Week hopes to shine a spotlight on each individual New Student, helping them grow in their craft to share the story they wish to tell.

The People behind O-Week