Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

Sanika Rane

If you are looking for someone to laugh with at bad memes, to eat with at good restaurants, and to watch TV shows with, Sanika Rane is your girl. She may be majoring in Kinesiology (Health Sciences) and minoring in Global Health Technologies, but she wishes she was majoring in Dog Petting and minoring in Bubble Tea. Sanika is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and she will probably remind you of this any chance she gets. She is a senior graduating this year, but she still feels like a third-grader, especially when she jams out to throwback hits – Shake It by Metro Station, anyone? And of course, if you need anyone to listen to Cage the Elephant with, you know who to call!


Tanner Reese

Tanner Reese truly is a Renaissance man. If this senior Biochemistry major is not in his room playing Fortnite, he’s probably in lab curing cancer or running around as the Flash doing Britney Spears impressions (if that sentence made no sense, ask him! It’s quite the story). He’s beyond organized, with his room perfectly neat and pristine, and diligent beyond belief. He’s one of the most hardworking and dedicated students I know and has done so much for Martel and the university. He cares so much for his friends, and this will certainly translate to his New Students. I couldn’t have imagined a better Advisor, and Tanner truly will be one of the most upfront and genuine people you meet here at Rice. You’re all so lucky to have a person like Tanner as your Advisor and I can’t wait for y’all to meet him! If you love the movie It, anything DC Comics related, golf, his hometown Dallas Stars, or just wholesome genuinely nice people in general, you’re gonna love Tanner.


Linh Ton

Linh Ton: an Art History buff (and Major), a High-Brew coffee addict, a pre-med queen, and most importantly a proud Martelian. You might find her skateboarding to her favorite Fondy study room, or more often to Chaus.  There’s no beaches in Houston, but catch her talking non-stop about the amazing sunsets near the beach by her home in Palm Beach, Florida. In her free time, Linh loves exploring Houston with friends and can’t wait to do the same with you all! Her kind heart, chill vibes, and good conversation make her an amazing Advisor, and an even better friend! If you need a song to listen to, ask Linh; she’s always listening to the newest bops which makes her the perfect Karaoke partner because she knows the lyrics to almost any song. Or if you need a study break, Linh will gladly watch YouTube vlogs with you. (Pro-tip: the way to this Advisor’s heart is simple: Torchy’s Queso.) With Linh as your Advisor, O-Week in bound to be a TON of fun! Linh has loved Martel from the first day of her O-Week and she could not be more excited to share that love with y’all.


Ivanka Perez

If you think Ivanka’s gorgeous, Christina Yang-like hair is the crux of her personhood, you wouldn’t be wrong. Slightly rebellious (defying her natural talent for mental math), this Brownie is an English and Philosophy major. And like her hair, Ivanka’s so much fun to be around, especially with all the weird noises she makes. She is passionate about board games. She’s ridiculously good at writing, stemming from her intentionality and thoughtfulness. She has an angelic voice that can go really, really high. Wait, what isn’t she talented at? Apparently, remembering her keys. She has locked herself out so many times, her floor makes bets on how long she’ll last before forgetting her keys again. If you need help finding brownies, want someone to play a board game with, have locked yourself out of your room, or just need a caring presence, this Dallas native is your girl. Except after 11:30 PM (because she refuses to stay up past her bedtime).