ChicaGhost Busters

Elizabeth Jowers

L. Elizabeth Jowers, the signature her future academic articles will bear, was born a traveler. She lived in Kazakhstan for the first years of her life, travelling across Europe and Asia in the process. From there she lived in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, and finally, Texas. She studies Political Science, Latin American Studies, and Spanish at Rice, and is going into her senior year. Elizabeth is more adept at making friends and making people feel special than most I know. Sit down with Elizabeth, and after a few moments you will realize that you have poured out your life story to her without even knowing it. It’s like a mind trick. When you spend time with Elizabeth, you will notice your worldview broadening at an alarming pace. When you spend time with Elizabeth, you will notice personal flourishing in every nook and cranny of your life; she is like a gardener, but instead of coaxing flowers to bloom, she does so to people. When you spend time with Elizabeth, you will find a mentor, friend, and cheerleader rolled into one. Elizabeth has traveled all over the world, but loves to be at her family’s home in Dallas with her dog Oliver. Of all the places that she has visited, I am most grateful that Elizabeth has traveled into my heart, and I cannot wait for her to travel into yours.


Thomas Herring

You mix in some Canada, a bit of FIRST robotics, some EDM, a little photography, and tons of coffee – you made a Thomas Herring! This Advisor knows a thing or two about engineering – he’s an Electrical and Computer Engineering major specializing in robotics. He loves the OEDK more than Oshman himself, so if you can’t find him anywhere, check the design kitchen first; if he isn’t there, he’s definitely at Coffeehouse, Fondy 6th, or Duncan Hall (guaranteed, every time). In his free time, he’s probably off playing ancient games on his old Super Nintendo while eating Asian food. And when he isn’t building robots, he’s being a sweet, kind, caring, generous friend. Ask him questions about anything (he’s a physics god) – he loves helping everyone. Just make sure to catch him while he speeds around on his bike – he’s easy to spot with the Canadian flag on his backpack. You’re lucky to have Thomas around! Now you have someone to take go to EDM concerts with, someone to ask advice about COMP182 from, and someone to talk about Adam Savage with – as he’d say, “solid, eh?”


Sukul Mittal

You’re standing in the middle of the quad at Martel when you hear the sound of shrill laughter and… K-pop? Who could be the essence of these sounds? None other than Sukul (aka Sue Cool) Mittal. This sophomore Biochemistry pre-med is obsessed with coffee (catch her drinking iced americanos at Chaus!) and BTS (the Bus, Takis, and Sleeping).  She’s also from Houston, so if you need any recommendations of things to do around here, Sukul is your girl. She’s the Food Rep in Martel’s parliament, so if she gives you a restaurant recommendation you know it has to be good. When she’s not organizing Model UN conferences, you can find her ubering to West Lot, spending time with her adorable dog Clue, or studying at a cute coffee shop (just ask her about the mochas at Cafe Brioche!). She’s super kind and super smart so she’s basically superwoman but her kryptonite is decaf coffee and 8am’s. Sukul is also an amateur filmmaker, so if you like her videos you can be a part of the SamFam, Sukul’s fan club. She’s also incredible at playing cello and she once starred in her school’s production of the opera Pearl as the title character, Pearl, which just goes to show that with Sukul as your Advisor, the world is your oyster. You are so lucky to have Sukul as your Advisor and O-Week PAA (Perfect and Amazing Advisor)!


Aaryan Jadhav

Oh my gosh you have Aaryan Jadhav, a Junior from Wiess College! Aaryan’s a Caam Major who is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s so excited to meet you, and hopes he can show you all Rice has to offer. To understand a little bit about him, his hobbies include playing guitar and eating. Overall, he tries to get out of Rice and explore a lot of Houston, and is usually down for anything. He especially loves trying new things, and hopes y’all can do a lot of cool, new things when you arrive.