Danny Phantom of the Opera

Julie Thamby

Described by her friends as “ridiculously radiant and surpassingly sincere”, Julie Thamby (pronounced Thumb-bee) is a caring, kind, and social Martel Senior who is always willing to lend a helping hand. Hailing from Gilbert, Arizona, this quirky pre-med majoring in Cognitive Sciences will always brighten up your day and make time for you amongst the hours she spends counting worms in lab, the evenings she spends asking for money at Telefund, or the nights she spends watching rom coms. You can find her most days in the commons binge watching trashy YouTube Vlogs, running around planning events as an Associates Head, or dancing any of the dance styles she knows, including but not limited to Salsa, Bhangra, and Ballet. Although she still doesn’t know how to swim, is scared of dogs, and checks her email inbox religiously, Julie will always be there to help you with whatever you need. But don’t be offended if she doesn’t wave back or acknowledge you in public: she never wears her glasses, so she just can’t see you. All in all, you are lucky to have her as an Advisor during O-week; caring, down to earth, and always willing to listen—Julie can’t wait to welcome you to Martel!


Laura Goon

Meet Laura Goon, your Advisor! She is known around campus for being a Computer Science legend, evident by her stack of free tech company t-shirts. Hailing from New York City, this Martel Junior will go on and on about walking around museums there. If you ever need a buddy to explore the numerous museums in Houston, Laura is your go-to person. Within a few minutes of talking to her, it’ll be clear to see she’s ~quirky~ and full of good vibes. You will probably find her in Brochstein pounding on her laptop trying to finish her coding projects during the day, and staying late for the mushroom pizza and boba at Sammy’s every night. At any given moment, she is most likely listening to mellow EDM beats, so make sure to ask her what her favorite song is. Prepare for an incredible O-Week and beyond, because you’ve just landed one of the most quality human beings at Rice as not only your Advisor, but also your friend!


Connor Rothschild

Connor is a Martel Junior from Springfield, Missouri, majoring in Social Policy Analysis and Political Science—so he knows how to break down a scene. Between serving as Vice President of the Baker Institute Student Forum, interning at the Texas Policy Lab, and working with Design for America on campus, he tends to stay pretty busy; but never passes up the chance to catch a movie with his friends! If he’s not rehearsing lines for his next big role (i.e. presentation), you can catch Connor running, playing Smash Bros., enjoying coffee at Rice’s Coffeehouse, or listening to a wide array of music. He is incredibly excited to meet you all this fall!


Bruno Moscoso

This Duncan College Sophomore is one of the most valuable Advisors that you could have. Bruno Moscoso is a Bioengineering and Computational and Applied Mathematics double major, and as a trained EMT, when people get hurt, they call Bruno first and EMS second. Using his extensive medical knowledge from the great state of New Jersey, Bruno is trained for a whole lot more medical scenarios than he’s technically cleared to deal with. However, you won’t be able to count on him to pump gas into your car, because apparently they don’t teach you that kind of thing up in Jersey. Bruno will be an unforgettable Advisor that will make sure that your O-Week is truly wonderful!