Fiddler on the Rotunda: Sunrise, Sundeck

Susanna Yau

A Senior History major Hailing from the Home of the Real Housewives of Potomac (Maryland), Susanna will Hastily Help you with your Hearty schedule as an O-Week PAA. The only thing she lacks is an H at the end of her name. Snarky and solid (because she’s not a liquid or a gas #chemistry #premed), Susanna is like Shrek, the star of her childhood favorite movie, Shrek- she has many layers. Although she does have better personal hygiene and interpersonal skills than Shrek. A Peer Career Advisor and a small group leader in Chi Alpha Christian fellowship, she’ll go to the ends of campus to fiddle on the rotunda with you. Hit her up for late night ramen or other “healthy” snacks. She also really likes ice cream, except for vanilla. Just don’t mix up her Washington Nationals shirt with the Walgreens logo and you will be friends for life (until you say Shrek 2 is the best Shrek)!


Christian Owens

“Does anyone want Cane’s?” Christian Owens might just love’s Cane’s more than his job as a manager at the Hoot. Anytime you want Cane’s he’ll take you there, and despite serving it at the Hoot on Sundays, he just can’t seem to get enough. Though he might be busy however, the Junior Martelian is double majoring in Chemical Physics and Linguistics, so you know he’s learned the greek alphabet twice. Despite this making him seem like a nerd, he’s far from that and participates heavily in Intramural basketball and soccer with enough knowledge in either to constantly tell if you’re not playing great defense. Additionally to being both smart and athletic, Christian is a big softie who’s always willing to listen, give a helping hand, and can be depended on for anything. Donning a friendly face, he’s well known for “big fella”s and big hugs, and is the type of friend everyone could use. No matter your worry, he’ll have a solution and if he doesn’t he’ll take you to your favorite restaurant or make you laugh to cheer you up. You might not have met someone from Birmingham, Alabama before, but Christian puts the “sweet” in “Sweet Home Alabama” and you just might love him as much as he loves Cane’s.


Mallory Newbern

Hey Martel! Meet Mallory Newbern, a Martel Sophomore who is majoring in Political Science and receiving a Spanish Certificate in addition to being on a Pre-Law track. Although not always present, her country accent will never cease to come through. This happens no more so than when she is on the phone with her mom. While on the phone, don’t be surprised to hear her talking about her new ginger bangs or how much fun she had at the recent public. You may even get to hear her talk about Little Rock, Arkansas! Mallory’s LR pride runs deep and she would be pleased to tell you all about the rich culture that surrounds her beloved hometown including their hand symbol. When she’s not on that poli sci grind, you can bet on Mallory to be doing something artsy, she’s a phenomenal artist and even sells cute little stickers that she made herself. Are you interested in sharks? Mallory is. Ask her about them. No seriously, ask her about her obsession with sharks. Mallory is more than excited to be apart of the 2019-2020 advising team and cannot wait for this year’s Broadway Sho-Week. MBYM

Blaine Schmidt

You are sitting in the commons enjoying your morning granola when a mysterious figure in an all-green aesthetic approaches you with one earbud hanging out of his ear. Do not be afraid—it’s the famous Blaine™️ returning from a visit to the Rec!! “Famous for wHaT?” You ask. How could you not know such a thing. Blaine is an ACCLAIMED actor on the Rice mock trial team. With his experience playing a self-help guru, a metrosexual model, or a lonely cowboy, he can fit into any of the advising roles you need! Blaine hails from Port Lavaca, the town “where errybody gets ruff,” as is rapped about in a particularly wild music video that you should totally ask him about. Though it’s been a big change from the tiny and rural to the big and Houstonian, this Senior mathematician from Wiess is ready to change the world (if only someone would give him its source code :/). This CAAM major–which could stand for Computational and Applied Mathematics, or could stand for (C)an (A)nyone im(A)gine life without hi(M)–has taken enough different distributions of classes at Rice that he might as well just be majoring in everything. Even more, he’s a fantastic listener who is always ready to validate your feelings, and has as much heart as he has bracelets on his wrist. Blaine is an all-around good person, a great friend, and an amazing Advisor, so consider yourself vErY lUcKy, because you’ve hit the jackpot here.