Fruit by the Footloose

Astitva Soni

And here’s Astitva Soni! He is a Senior Biochemistry & Cell Biology and Kinesiology Sports Medicine double major from Edison, New Jersey, and definitely is probably one of the most unique people you’ll meet. His smartness is often accompanied with statements that make no sense, for which he gets roasted. He’s good at memorizing things but then loses his keys and searches pretty much the entire Greater Houston area. He hates missing class, but it takes 10 alarms at the loudest volume possible to wake him up. But despite all these confusing contradictions, Astitva is a passionate future doctor who anyone can lean on. He’s captain of Rice’s Bollywood Dance Team, works in a neuroscience lab, and is involved with many other clubs. He loves to eat pretty much anything, and you’ll often find him ordering food at 1 in the morning. He is passionate about music and will talk to you about it all the time. Despite not being from here, Houston sports have grown on him, and you will see him supporting the Texans and Rockets! Most importantly, he’s the type of guy who will celebrate your achievements and help you through your hard times – and that’s why I consider him my younger brother. This Advisor/RHA Affiliate/Videographer is excited to meet all of you at O-Week!


Rebecca Noel

You’ll be sure to take No-L’s with Rebecca as your O-Week advisor! A rising Junior from Houston with a double major in Psychology and English, her curly blonde hair is easy to spot all over campus. She’s highly involved in multiple organizations– as Vice President of Rice Alliance for Mental Health Awareness, fundraising chair for Period, and a contributing member of R2. When she’s not busy changing the world with her research at Baylor College of Medicine, you can probably find her jogging the outer loop or giving campus tours to prospective students. But despite her busy lifestyle, Rebecca always takes time to enjoy the finer things in life. She enjoys reading novels, drinking good coffee, watching and re-watching the Office, quoting vines, and most importantly, quality cat memes. A thoughtful and caring friend, Rebecca always takes time to hear about your day and share an awkward encounter (or two) of her own. Consider yourself lucky to have her around!


Jordyn Williams

Nicknamed ‘Gentle Jordyn’ during her O-Week, Jordyn with a ‘y’ and not an ‘a’ is exactly the opposite of that. Don’t be fooled by her seemingly reserved personality because this Sophomore Martelian is packed full of sarcasm and sass. Jordyn is originally from Arlington, Texas and is interested in studying the Natural Sciences. She’s involved in the Alumni committee and is one of the historians, so you know she’s committed to making Martel the best college ever. If you don’t see her grinding in the commons, she’s probably waiting in line for that 5 PM Sunday dinner bubble tea at North. Turn on some bops to see her amazing dance moves or to hear her perfectly recite Cardi B’s rap in “I Like it Like That.” She’s very much into guys who wear trench coats (although they have to be wearing the trench coat or the attraction is over). As she says, “It’s something about the trench coat that really makes a man a MAN.” You’re lucky if Jordyn’s your Advisor because you’ll constantly be laughing and having a great time when you’re with her. She’ll always be there for you, whether it’s to accompany you in a spontaneous trip to Rice village or to talk in a British accent to fool your Lyft driver that she’s an exchange student from the University of Cambridge. If there’s one thing you should take away, make sure to hide your kids, hide your wife, because if you play musical chairs with her, you is done.

Elisa Moralez

While her first name may not be an acronym for Enlightening, Loving, Inclusive, Spontaneous, Authentic, this spicy meatball straight outta the northside of San Antonio is all these things and more, with a special knack for taking care of others. Don’t let her RBF fool you, this Senior from Brown has a wicked sense of humor and style, lighting up each room when she walks in, if not from her vibrant clothing collection (jk she usually just wears black), then from her infectious smile or the frequent puckering of her dainty dimples as she laughs her way through life. As Rice Health Advisor Student Coordinator, this Cognitive Science/Neuroscience double major will help you coordinate all your wellbeing needs through her knowledge of mental health, brain function, and cognition. But wait, there’s more! When Ms. Moralez isn’t in the classroom or on that #PreMedGrind, she can be found bumping, setting and spiking as a seasoned veteran on the Club Volleyball team . An avid music fan with a very diverse yet classy taste, ask Elisa about her KTRU shift where she has been known to play anything from bangers by Future to the more obscure TORRES. Elisa approaches life like she tackles a side of kale from Local foods- with confidence, determination, and vigor, yet never forgetting to appreciate the small things (aka the golden raisins). And last but not least, this beauty is a whiz at all things cosmetic, and is well-equipped to give you the sharpest winged tip or assist in covering up any bruises that would otherwise require a collared shirt. Overall, Elisa’s warm and ebullient personality, combined with her love of fun, propensity for behind-the-scenes organization, and truly selfless nature, makes her one of Rice’s hidden gems, and a great fit to the unique and diverse Martel family!