Grease Lightning McQueen

Ellie Mix

If you are reading this, you are so lucky because you have Ellie Mix as your Advisor! Ellie, queen of aesthetics, was born in Los Angeles and then moved to San Antonio. She is a Martel College Senior majoring in Art History and English. She studied abroad in Copenhagen last semester, where she learned that danishes aren’t actually from Denmark. Ellie spends her spare time sipping La Croix in bed or jumping on her mini trampoline. On campus, she spends her time working on the literary magazine and serving on Martel’s senior committee. She likes to pretend graphic design is her passion and runs a food instagram with her friends @serveryhacks #followforfollow. Ellie thinks pajamas are overrated and drinks iced tea for breakfast. She is working on improving her squash skills and aspires to one day fold her laundry the day that she does it. You will soon fall in love with her and her quirky habits!


Andrew Stefani

Andrew is a rising senior in Martel College originally from Round Rock, Texas, majoring in Economics and Managerial Studies with minors in Business and Financial Computation and Modeling. Originally a pre-med, Andrew quickly switched to business after taking classes in economics and falling in love with the subject; now he’s deciding between a career in consulting or finance, and happy to provide any advice for those looking into careers in business. During the school year Andrew enjoys studying at Pub (he claims it’s a happy medium of Coffeehouse and Fondren) and drinking copious amounts of black coffee throughout the day; when he’s not studying he likes to play IM Sports for Martel, build things for his room, and spend time with his friends watching The Office for the 5th time through. His special talents include the ability to quite literally fall asleep anywhere, eat ridiculous amounts of food in one sitting, and turn any situation into an economics problem. He’ll be graduating in December and is still deciding on a way to spend his Spring Semester before having to become an adult. If you have any recommendations for good travel destinations make sure to let him know!


Vincent Young

Meet Vincent Young! A Martel College Sophomore Biochemistry and Cell Biology major on the Pre-Med track, you can count on hitting him up about all your STEM interests! He is also pursuing a language certificate in Italian, for which he studied abroad, and (Allora!) would be thrilled to speak it with you. Vince can’t actually decide if he’s from New Jersey or Philly, so you probably won’t know either. But he SWEARS that every food is better in Jersey, ESPECIALLY Applebee’s (an avid stan). He is a man of many talents: a dancing king, an Italian charmer, and a proud coral owner. If you like American Horror Story, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Marina and the Diamonds, or Applebee’s, Vince is your guy. Not only is he an incredibly hard worker, but he brings energy and humor to every situation, and his friends all love/hate him for his ridiculous jokes. He cares so much about helping people, and one day hopes to become a surgeon. Vince’s motivation is unmatched and he is super excited to meet you this O-Week!

Lillie Plaza

Lillie Plaza loves her German major almost as much as she loves her Chemistry major and is constantly geeking out about how cool the German language sounds or the intricacy of protein structures. This Lovett College Junior is a diehard Californian (specifically SoCal because she’s from Los Angeles, which is important), a proud “Keeper of Coffee” at the student run Coffeehouse, and the owner of two adorable corgis, Chip and Ota. Oh, and she’s a BOMB singer– as a member of Rice’s Nocturnal, one of Rice’s mixed a cappella groups, just come to one of her concerts to hear for yourself! But most importantly, she’s a dedicated, caring friend with a huge heart, who’ll cry alongside you whenever you need to vent your problems and never not say hi.