Green Eggs and Hamilton

Sarah Berton

Look close. Closer. Evennnn closer. Are you lost yet? Don’t be afraid – it’s common to lose all sense of time and space when you gaze into those captivating cornflower blue eyes of Sarah Berton. As this Martel College Senior dazzles you with her extensive knowledge of Sociology and Political Science, take comfort in the fact that as long as you stare into those gems of blue, you’ll probably seem like you’re paying attention to her. This strategy works for when she’s discussing her dogs, her love of her mediocre hometown NBA team (i.e. the San Antonio Spurs), or her latest trip abroad to Chile. But beware, don’t let her in on this secret that is shared only within her incredibly large circle of friends. If you’re lucky enough to get into that circle and don’t find yourself stranded in those two fields of hydrangeas, you might even discover that she is the most understanding and compassionate person you’ll ever meet. I wouldn’t know though – I’ve been lost in her eyes since day one.


Kendall Vining

Wow, Kendall must be so glad to be in Green Eggs and Hamilton because  she loves eggs and she loves Hamilton!! For real though, she’s excited to meet you. She loves fanfiction, so it’s fitting that this Martel College Sophomore is an English Major, and you will see her almost always wearing headphones because she loves music-her hometown is New Orleans. She just finished her first year at Rice, so her memories of O-Week are fresh. She’s also one of your awesome O-Week Peer Academic Advisors, so come to her for any tips on adjusting academically to college (which will include her advising against procrastination, but she does still procrastinate) If you hear someone randomly whistling while you’re walking to your classes, don’t fret, it’s probably her. If you hear an echoing, loud, breathy, snorty fit of laughter while you’re roaming campus, don’t fret, that’s probably her too.


Marshall Doty

Marshall “floaty oaty” Doty came to Rice from Berkeley, California. Although he may not be very floaty, his love for apple cinnamon and maple brown sugar Quaker oatmeal can only be rivaled by his love for outrageously fat Californian burritos. This Martel College Sophomore majoring in Computer Science ultimate frisbee player can throw discs like no other and runs around his opponents like that one squirrel did when he was on caffeine in the oscar winning film “over the hedge”. Marshall loves talking playful trash, but behind this joking facade is a caring and thoughtful person who would love to get to know you. In his free time you can catch Marshall eating sweet tart chews in his room until the end of eternity or you can catch him doing ridiculous bets that he loses in “what are the odds”. If your are looking to get upstaged while doing karaoke then Marshall is your man, because for some reason he knows the words to every song that came out in the past 15 years. Marshall is a fun loving human being and you would be lucky to have him as your advisor.


Brendan Wong

On behalf of the entirety of Martel College, Rice University, and the world, I am proud to present to you the one and only Brendan Wong.  This true gem of a human being, hailing all the way from Taiwan, has got a smile that will knock your socks off, and a sock collection that will slap a smile on your face.  As a rising Junior from Jones College who is double-majoring in Sociology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brendan always goes above and beyond.  When he’s not too busy studying or changing the world, you can usually find him singing bass for Rice’s acapella group Nocturnal, providing students with their much-needed caffeine as a Coffeehouse barista, texting in nonsensical cAPitaLizATioN, or venturing off-campus for delectable tofu dishes.  Brendan is an endless ball of energy who is always willing to listen to you vent about life and problems, and always ready to cheer you up in a heartbeat. Though he has a tendency of taking truly unflattering pictures of people on Snapchat or Photobooth (seriously, watch out…), Brendan makes time for the important people in his life, and lucky for you, you are now one of those people! I can’t wait for you to meet THE Brendan Wong and see for yourself why he is, without a doubt, the best Advisor you could have asked for.