How I Met Your Mamma Mia

Mitchell Gregory

Have you ever wanted a friend that constantly pokes fun at you yet will always be there to support you? Mitchell Gregory is your guy! He’s a Senior Electrical Engineering major/Business minor from Martel College who is a true nerd at heart. When he’s not quoting Vines or watching whatever sporting event he can find, he’s probably working on problem sets in Duncan Hall or fixing bicycles over at Rice Bikes, one of the student run businesses on campus. This “Martelec” hails from Richardson, Texas where he faithfully cheers on the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers (don’t worry, he’s developed a soft spot for the local Houston teams too). He also enjoys singing, dancing, and crushing his friends in Mario Kart, along with petting all the doggos he can find. This Hamilton-loving Super Smash Bros. king will always make time for you despite his busy schedule, whether it’s showing you new alternative music, playing random trivia games online, or throwing a disc around in the Martel quad. Mitchell truly is a one of a kind guy with a huge heart, and he won’t hesitate to help you out with whatever you need!


Shruti Wadhwa

What girl has a Kentucky Fried heart of glistening, delicious gold, beats wisdom into people by bludgeoning them with her unreasonably large iPad, dispenses woke wisdom and advocates for social justice, and is somehow very premed but still a highly tolerable person? Shruti Wadhwa. This Cognitive Science major Junior is truly a ride or die, always willing to talk, hang out, or go to interesting places with you, but she can still go from “wasting time in Fondy library until 3am” to “doing well in every class” in no time. She’s somehow both motherly and a child at the same time, fielding the texts you randomly send her with advice or love on one night, while gleefully skipping to West Servery to gossip and devour tostada pizza the next day. Her preferred ride is an EMS golf cart, which she can sometimes be seen driving leisurely around on the inner loop, explosively curly hair waving in the breeze while cars pile up behind her as she inches along — the epitome of responsibility. But she balances that caution with an enthusiasm for bringing out the best in others and making sure her friends have a great time when they’re with her. Shruti is one of those friends who truly lifts others up; regardless of how rough life has been, she makes sure her friends know their worth, and she tirelessly gives all of herself to her commitments and her relationships. I can barely imagine someone better to have as an o-week Advisor!


Matt Grabianski

What has 2 legs, 10 fingers, and no real front teeth? If you said Matt Grabianski, you are correct! If you like cool and good things, you will love this sophomore from Palatine, Illinois. Not only is he cool, but also quite brainy, majoring in Economics, minoring in Business and Politics, Law, & Social Thought, and on the Prelaw track (so be careful getting into an argument with him, especially about putting ketchup on a hot dog). A Cubs fan since birth, Matt will not stop talking about baseball once you get him started. If you ever need him, he will absolutely be there for you, but he is also so involved you won’t always find him at Martel! Around Rice, he excels as an attorney for Rice Mock Trial, leads at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and plays for the club baseball team. If he’s not with any of those groups, you can probably find him working at Coffeehouse — either literally as a Keeper of Coffee or just studying and trying to pass his classes. No matter where he is, though, he will gladly help you or anyone with whatever, so when you’re counting your blessings, count him twice.


Kaede Gordon

Who is Kaede Gordon? Hailing from Austin, Texas she is only the greatest vegan steel toed boot wearer of an engineer that you will ever meet. Kaede is a Junior from Baker College studying Civil Engineering, Global Health Technologies, Engineering Design and Math. When she’s on that grind you may find Kaede running to and fro looking for new networking opportunities or going to her latest TA session. But don’t worry because even with a busy schedule like hers Kaede finds time for fun. In her free time you may often find her talking about the her latest obsession whether it be tofu or knitting. When not busy (or sometimes when she is) you can find this Peer Academic Advisor using her indecisiveness to four year plan every possible future for herself. Maybe she can plan yours next! Now say studying is good and all but you want to expand your creative mind. Maybe you want to go so far as to join the exclusive circle of influencers on Instagram. Well, lucky you for snatching Kaede. This soon to be influencer has been racking up the photos and videos necessary to launch her career for over a year now, though never actually posts any of them online. There is no better time to take advantage and rub shoulders with this soon to be instagram model. Putting all jokes aside Kaede is a wonderful and kind person and can’t wait to meet her o-week children. She will always stand and support them in whatever they may need at Rice.