Parks and Rent

Adam Oshan

Cheerful and caring, Adam is an LA native known for his love of lattes (catch him at Coffeehouse drinking triple shots of espresso). This Martel College Senior Cognitive Science major is easy to spot around campus: he wears brightly-colored t-shirts and flip flops pretty much every day because the cold doesn’t faze him. Despite his easily sunburned skin and distinctive California accent, Adam is not your typical gringo – he has studied abroad in two different countries and can speak three foreign languages. In his free time, he volunteers as a DJ at KTRU, tutors refugee students, and watches telenovelas. When you get to Rice, be sure to hit him up for bougie restaurant recommendations; this Martelian reads and writes Yelp reviews religiously and once paid $20 for avocado toast. Even though he is kind of “extra,” Adam will always be there to help you with whatever you need and can’t wait to meet you.


Geli Kane

Geli Kane is your Advisor?? That’s what I’m TAKIng about 🙂 This extremely spicy Takis fan hails from the faraway land of Dallas, but refused to say “y’all” until she came to Rice. Geli’s a Martel College Junior Biochemistry major, Pre-Med, and die hard Cardinals fan (ask her about her body pillow). You can find her in the Martel commons giving a crash course in course registration as a Head Peer Academic Advisor, opening a care package completely filled with spicy pickles, or running from said commons after lunch to her part time job as a teacher at GirlStart. Speaking of running, Geli is the 4th string quarterback (or 3rd, depending on who you ask) on the Martel Women’s Powderpuff team, and, like the whole team, takes the football game very seriously (read: not at all). Though her taste in snacks is strictly Fuego, Nitro, or Xplosion, you can hear the sweet sounds of her flute in the Campanile, the non-music major symphony orchestra. In the true spirit of Broadway ShO-Week, Geli’s favorite musical is none other than Spongebob the Musical. While her humor tends toward that of Andy Dwyer, Geli Kane truly embodies the life of Leslie Knope: optimistic, hard-working, and fiercely caring for her friends and family. Get ready for an O-Week filled with flip flops, dad jokes, and travel-size dabs with Geli as your Advisor!


Johnny Dang

You’re wandering aimlessly in the academic quad, unsure of the buildings around you, when you hear an angelic voice describe the founding of Rice and the different floors of Fondren library. Could it be David Leebron himself? Even better, it’s Johnny Dang! He’s a sophomore English and Biochemistry double major (and pre-med!) and a stellar Rice tour guide. Although he’s from Austin, Texas, he’s not Austin-tatious and is probably the most down-to-earth, kind, and enthusiastic person you’ll ever meet. As one half of Katnny, Martel’s iconic secretary duo, his talents include typing more than seven words per minute, giving incredible campus tours, playing saxophone in the MOB, and knowing literally everyone at Rice (seriously, in high school Johnny won the Who’s Who award because he knows who’s who). Johnny is also an accomplished chef: once he tried to boil milk in a kettle and ended up making cheese! Like Vietnamese iced coffee, Johnny is sweet, energetic, and Vietnamese. He also happens to have the same name as a local custom jewelry company, so you know he’s a real gem. Whenever you’re down or just having a bad day, Johnny is sure to cheer you up with his incredible sense of humor and contagious laughter. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to win the lottery, now you know because you hit the jackpot with Johnny Dang as your Advisor!


Nicole Limberg

This Seattle native and pre-med extraordinaire from Sid Richardson College does not have the muscles to frown. As a D1 swimmer she’s not afraid to pack away the calories especially her 3 favorite foods chicken, water, and eggs. If you like to bake (or just cook in general), you’re in luck, because Nicole loves trying new foods. Literally anything! Even dead broccoli (it’s okay, Nicole, it’s just cauliflower). This junior is always looking for new experiences and always down for a last-minute adventure to explore Houston or go on a bike ride (even if it’s snowing). She also loves to go shopping, but be warned: if you ever go to Rice Village with her, expect to spend at least 2 hours in Alter’d state. As a Kinesiology major, Nicole is always on the move but very willing to help, talk, and of course procrastinate. From the Bachelor to organic chemistry, Nicole can find anything to talk about, and can always be counted on to give you a good laugh. She’s also definitely down to give you advice whether it be relationships, what servery to eat at for dinner, and of course anything premed. She makes a great teammate and an even better Advisor so you guys are in good hands.