Singin’ in the Rainbow Road

Anh Tran

Congratulations, you must’ve won the Advisor lottery, because Anh Tran is going to be your O-Week Advisor! Anh is an Advisor loved by all, and for good reason. This Houston Senior is undoubtedly  “hype” (if being hype means getting so excited she squeals at pitches so high no one can hear) and always full of love to share. She’s trustworthy, and will always give good advice. A rare Cognitive Science (Neuroscience) and Kinesiology (Sports Medicine) double major and pre-optometry girl, she “loves glaucoma” and will always have an eye out for you! As a former Martel mailroom employee, fondly known as a “Mail Fairy,” Anh knows the ins-and-outs of Martel and will make sure her New Students stay in the know of what’s happening around the college! This Vietnamese beauty can be found in bed, eating off campus, or studying with friends at Coffeehouse. From treating her friends to some super yummy Malaysian food in Chinatown, to studying off campus at an art cafe, even to driving furniture to help friends move, Anh is always down for an adventure (and an excuse to procrastinate). By the end of O-Week, you’ll come to know and love the meme-able, gleeful, and zealous Anh Tran!


Domonique Richardson

This sophomore from San Antonio, Texas is probably one of the most chill people that you will meet at Rice. Dom is a Martelian who is a little too excited for O-Week. If you see Dom walking around campus, you’ll probably notice that she dresses really nice. She’s into fashion and will readily give you outfit advice if you ask. She’s into some really underground music, and I mean really underground music. She can frequently be heard saying “I’ll make you a playlist,” and is a DJ at KTRU, Rice’s student-run radio station, where she picks cool music for people to listen to. In addition, Dom is determined to do anything that she wants to do and works diligently in all her classes! She uses this determination to thrive in both the Cognitive Science major and her pre-med courses. If Dom is not studying, then she’s probably watching a reality show like Big Brother or Vanderpump Rules. Contrary to that though, Dom is super real, honest, and always happy to provide her best advice. Dom is incredibly excited to meet you, and hopefully it’s clear to see that you’re in for a treat with her as your Advisor!


Robert Walsh

Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Robert Walsh is Lovett College’s generic all-American boy. His hobbies include driving his pickup truck to late night food with his friends (he’s a Whataburger addict), playing baseball (which he is absolutely terrible at), and solving any math problem you throw at him. As a Sophomore Computer Science and Mathematics double major, you can often find Robert coding or working through complex algorithms in the Lovett commons. While his elite baseball career may have come to a close a little too early, he’s continued to hit absolute dingers for Lovett intramural softball. Trustworthy, funny, and always willing to listen, Robert is the human version of a teddy bear and will always be there for you, thick and thin. You’re so lucky to have Robert as your Advisor!


Wei-Lin Hsiao

Wei-Lin Hsiao is a Junior at Duncan College, and one of the Diversity Facilitators for Martel O-Week! This Computer Science and Statistics major from Taiwan is excited to be in Houston for two main reasons– to get a job at a big tech company and to sing on The Voice. Intense, cute, and (sometimes) stressed, this guy is really one of a kind. Wei-Lin is the definition of multi-faceted, spending some days tucked away studying, finishing his coursework while managing his various involvements, but other days will be omnipresent, holding you accountable and making sure you get your stuff done. He knows what is important to him, and spends much of his time helping people succeed. This guy will definitely say a lot of sarcastic, serious, and sarcastically serious things, but rest assured that his advice is worth listening to!