West Side Toy Story

Jeremiah Chikota

The Oxford Dictionary defines the phrase “on my way” to mean “in the course of a journey.” Jeremiah Chikota utilizes the alternative definition, “still in bed, haven’t left yet.” Don’t worry though cause he’ll race over to you on one of his three (and counting) bikes, unless of course he gets distracted along the way by a nice car which he’ll (obviously) have to take a picture of #ForTheGram. When this Martel College Junior Mechanical Engineering major is not managing Rice Bikes or building Rice’s Hyperloop pod, he’s busy tinkering with his 3D printer and driving his go-kart around his backyard. Notice a pattern yet? Born in England and raised in New York, Jeremiah can give you the best English chocolate recommendations and reveal what it’s like to be neighbors with the Clintons. On the weekends, you can find him watching his favorite Formula 1 racing team, but during the week he’ll be designing merchandise for Martel that you’ll soon be able to wear! If you ever need someone to make you laugh, watch a movie with (he’ll undeniably always suggest Borat), or go out for late night Whataburger with, Jeremiah’s your guy. Don’t be surprised if he plans an O-Week karaoke night and then belts out some Drake or tunes from the 80s (ask him about his big break in his high school’s musical). His undeniable passion for everything he’s involved in will make him the most fiercely loyal yet goofy Advisor you can find. Whether behind a camera or by your side, this O-Week Advisor and photographer will be sure to capture good times and develop unforgettable memories.


Sophie Clayton

Wondering who that girl is screaming the lyrics to Big Time Rush’s “Boyfriend”? That’s right, it’s none other than Sophie Clayton! A rising Martel College Junior native to Houston, she’s pursuing a double major in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences with a Business minor. Despite this intimidating course load, Sophie manages to give back to the college as co-head of Martel Mentors, junior class representative, and on the powderpuff team as the best running back around. As Personnel Manager of Rice Coffeehouse, you’ll never catch her without an iced coffee in hand (and likely Chex Mix in the other). And as if it couldn’t get any sweeter, she’s one of the most thoughtful and positive people you’ll ever be in the presence of, not to mention she can quote every Vine in existence. Be sure to shoot her an ironic duck face and peace sign when you see her skateboarding around campus!


Vallerie Vasquez-Torres

Wait, before you read any further you might want to take a seat, because Vallerie Vasquez is about to take your breath away. Not only were you lucky enough to land this insanely smart, Martel College Sophomore, Neuroscience major on the Pre-med track (so smart that she also dabbled in chemical engineering, CAAM, and Math majors), but you also get her as your Peer Academic Advisor!!! To get on this Advisor’s good side, be sure to express some love for cool water bottles, crocs, and phone cases, and she might just bring you on one of her daily boba runs (seriously she will go even if there’s a full storm going on)! She also firmly believes cereal is meant to be eaten all day any day. And a little pro tip: don’t you dare forget the second “L” in her name, she might just not speak to you for a whole minute before she forgives you. Don’t let this “Old Town Road” loving stunner fool you, because she actually hails from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. She is a passionate Belieber and will beliebe in you! Vallerie is probably the most dependable, caring, and slightly insane person you will ever meet and she will, without a doubt, help make your very first week here at Rice the best that it can be! Lucky you!


Johnston French

All three parts of Johnston’s name are last names: Johnston Wright French. He hails from D.C.—sorry—Arlington, Virginia, and is an ultimate frisbee GOD (don’t ask him about Cloud 9). Your local 2019 Mr. Sid will be battling for the Mr. Rice title this fall. His talent surpassed all others…narrowly missing the world record for most shirts put on in 60 seconds. Johnston’s prides include his sick harmonica skills and knowing the capital of every country in the world. He is truly a man of all talents. Math comes quite easy to him, but his passions lie in policy and community representation and engagement as a Social Policy Analysis major. He’s the most generous, wackiest, most fun person you could meet. Johnston’s sense of humor is like no other, but more importantly, his commitment to and care for others make him a truly exceptional friend and mentor. Johnston is a Sid Richardson College Sophomore.