Move-In Information

Throughout the summer, arrangements for move-in might change, and those changes will be posted here. Definitely check in here the week before O-Week to make sure everything runs smoothly in August!

Move-In is August 18, 2013

Until further notice, arrival times will be by last names:
A-L: 8:30-9:45 AM
M-Z: 9:45-11:00 AM

We will be having families entering through Entrance 23 as well as exiting through Entrance 23. We will be using the synagogue across the street as a staging area such that only 5 cars are parked at Martel at a time for unloading, officers will be placed at the synagogue across the street and at Martel to direct traffic for when positions at Martel are available.

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Please do not arrive before 8:00 AM
Again, the above is subject to some alterations (mainly in just the times), but the entrance/exit points are set in stone.

New Families Orientation

At 1:00 PM your parents and families will attend their own orientation, while you, the new students, will begin your Martel O-Week experience. Make sure you give your parents a huge hug and say goodbye.

Matriculation (for students only)

This is the campus wide ceremony that welcomes you to Rice. You will want to wear dressy clothes for the occasion. Girls will want to wear dress pants, a skirt, or a sundress. Guys will want to wear dress pants and a nice shirt (some may choose to wear a tie).