Packing List: Updated Fall 2020


10 Things You Can Bring With You

10 Things to Pick Up in Houston

10 Things Martel Has For You

  1. Clothing: Students tend to dress pretty casually on campus. However, it’s always nice to have a few fancier outfits for interviews, Martel Events, and Rice-wide events. Remember, Houston’s usual weather is hot and humid!
  2. A set of clothes/shows that you are willing to throw away: This school year, even the first few weeks, has a few events that can get messy, so be sure to bring a set of clothes you wouldn’t miss.
  3. A computer: Many Rice students take notes on their computers. You can bookmark this book!
  4. A phone:  Make sure to add your suitemates’ numbers so you can coordinate what to bring for your room.
  5. Copies of important documents (e.g. birth certificate): So your family won’t have to send them later.
  6. Family pictures/personal trinkets:  including pet pictures.
  7. Face Masks: While we will try to provide as much as we can, it’s always best to have more!
  8. Cleaning Supplies/Hand Sanitizer: It’s important to stay sanitized!
  9. Some Money: For emergencies and off campus adventures
  10. Your OWeek Book: Save it! Its always fun to look back. (It’ll be here on this website too)
  1. School Supplies: basic school supplies like pencils, pens, notebooks, and more can all be bought at Target down the street from Rice. This will be a good thing to have before O-Week begins.
  2. Desk Items: An alarm clock, desk lamp, backpack, and extension cord(life saver).
  3. Bed linens: A pillow, XL twin sheets bedding, and a comforter or blanker.
  4. Laundry Items: laundry basket or bag, high-efficiency detergent and dryer sheets.
  5. Toiletries: Stay fresh and clean with some deodorant in the hot, hot Houston.
  6. Bathroom Items: Uniquely colored towels are helpful when you live with other people.
  7. Houston Specific Items: rain-boots, umbrella, bug spray. This is not a joke.
  8. Bicycle: Mobility is key, especially if you’re visiting the stadium or the Shepherd School of Music. Get a sturdy U-Lock to keep your bike safe (and register it with Rice U Police Department)
  9. Extra Room Furniture: All Martel suites have common rooms, so some furniture will always helps! Coordinate this with your suitemates so you are sure to not double up on things.
  10. Snacks: For all those late night cravings.
  1. Washers and Dryer: Free and easy to use; just bring your own high efficiency detergent and dryer sheets!
  2. Vacuums: One on each floor, meaning they’re available when you need them.
  3. Trash Cans: One for each suite’s common room and one in each bedroom.
  4. Refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves: Martel’s kitchens are fully equipped! (Some students also purchase mini fridges for their suite)
  5. TVs: While some students choose to bring their own, we do have a large TV room, as well as a game room!
  6. Movies: A rather solid movie collection.
  7. Cable: There is a cable TV outlet in each room, so you can access TV online through our provider, Philo, as well as HBO GO.
  8. Desk, Wardrobe, and Dresser: Not only are our rooms huge, but they’re also furnished.
  9. Piano: Our rotunda features a wonderful grand piano (donated by an alumni) that all students are welcome to play!
  10. Personal Hand Sanitizer: Personalized with a Martel logo 🙂