O-Week Groups

Ae$op Mob– Anoosha, Akhil, Sahar, Jeremy

Baeowulf– JK, Kat, Dylan, Kevin

Dance, Dance, French Revolution!– Romil, Gabriela, Belle, David

The Dumbledudes and McGonagals of Martel College– Jackson, Neethi, Chris, Nicki

The Fresh Prince (Charming) of Bellaire– Varsha, Emily, Elliot, Tanya

I’m on a Moat– John, Tyler, Alina, Conrado

Knights of the Rotunda– Ronald, Lydia, Lauren, Austin

Lady Gaga of the Lake– Monica, Andrew, Sean, Shannon

Lordes of Martel: And We’ll Never be Royals– Christina, Yoseph, Kaysie, Luke

To the Window, To the Mirror on the Wall– Allen, Claire, Nick, Ly

Under the Bourgeois-SEA– Lizzie, Kentrell, Bei, Eugene

You Only Live Once Upon a Time– Cassie, Ashkan, Nikitha, Daniel