Eric Shi

Have you ever wanted a best friend that keeps you up to date with memes, the Oscars, and Beyoncé? Even if you don’t, Eric Shi is the perfect fit for you. This Houston native and pop culture whiz has a passion for the finer things in life (just ask him about all of his exciting travel stories) but loves the simple things too (did someone say ramen?). Although he’s a Sociology and Policy Studies double major, Eric has dabbled in so many types of classes at Rice as a result of his indecisiveness (former pre-med alert). When this rising Martel junior is not lovingly working on yet another four year plan trying out different majors (BIOC? CSCI? POLI? I don’t know her), you can find Eric updating the masses at Parliament as Martel’s Vice President, walking backwards as the best tour guide Rice has to offer, and being a woke king through organizations like the Women’s Resource Center and Baker Institute Student Forum. Though it sounds like he may be all work, don’t be fooled. Spending time with those he loves is one of his top priorities, so if you ever need a hearty laugh, some late night food, or just someone to binge-watch TV or movies with, Eric is your guy. With him as your Advisor, you’ll feel the immense charisma and warmth that make Rice and Martel the best places to be.

Mark Berger

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s just Mark Berger and his extremely wide shoulders! A double major in Mathematical Economic Analysis and History, Mark is a man of many talents and interests. More than just a pretty face, Mark stays up to date with all of the world’s happenings and is always willing to engage in deep conversation. When Mark isn’t in class crunching the nums, you can catch him in the pool playing for the Club Water Polo team or playing Fortnite. This Jersey native is obsessed with New York sports and will defend his Yankees (or his choice of flip flops as the superior footwear) to the bitter end. As a Martel Social, Student Admissions committee member, and Rice Business Society member, this sophomore has the clout and the imagination to make any situation one to remember. If Mark is your Advisor, consider yourself one of the luckiest because this stud is one of the funniest, most caring people that Rice has to offer.

Anushi Singhal

Hailing from Mountain View, California, when this sophomore Bioengineer isn’t busy reminiscing about how much better Boba Guys is than Teahouse, rolling around joyfully on the three identical rugs adorning her suite floor, or socially experimenting on other members of the Rice community, Anushi spends her free time thinking about how much economic and emotional value the $1 Taco Bell cheesy bean and rice burrito adds to her life. This 5 foot, 0.25 inch (rounded up) ball of spice (though she can’t actually tolerate spicy food) brings incredible loyalty, devotion, and dedication to making Rice a more welcoming and engaging place. She acts as a professional-grade therapist who serves Rice pro bono, willing to give advice and slightly skeptical love at literally any hour of the day, and her own plethora of changes in major make her a well-equipped academic Advisor, too. All roasting aside, if Anushi’s die-hard friendship is any indication, she will be an irreplaceable O-Week Advisor, mentor, and source of entertainment for life.

Rebecca Nikonowicz

Hailing from the distant land of a few blocks away on Rice Boulevard, Rebecca Nikonowicz is more than your basic Becky. Instantly recognizable by her fiery red hair, this rising senior Mechanical Engineering major and Business minor from Duncan College will win your heart with her dance skills, then break it with her devastating good looks. When she’s not choreographing routines for Rice Dance Theater or pulling all-nighters in the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen (OEDK), you can find her binge-watching Parks and Rec or dominating at Pluckers trivia (she might tell you she’s a vegetarian, but chicken is her secret love). Fiercely loyal, endlessly hardworking, wholeheartedly kind, and absolutely captivating, if Rebecca is your Advisor I have only two words to say: Lucky you.