Avatar: Earth, Wind & Fire Benders

Ali Oh

The Story Of Tonight is about why Ali Oh is nicknamed “Rally” Oh. From her sporadic naps throughout the day to help her Stay Alive to her blasting the Hamilton Soundtrack for an instant mood-booster, this is a girl that does it all. When she isn’t on her Non-Stop Biochemistry and Cell Biology pre-med grind, you can find this LA native in her research lab feeling Helpless because of her PCRs. For many, That Would Be Enough, but Wait For it: she does more. On the Socials committee AND the Kitchen committee for Martel, Ali makes sure that every hardworking student is Satisfied. Also on Martel’s powderpuff team executing wild plays, this girl really can’t Take A Break. What Comes Next are Ali’s talents beyond STEM. Also majoring in the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, this girl is #woke, reminding us One Last Time that she is truly unstoppable. Listing all of these things, I can’t help but wonder What’d I Miss? From playing guitar to singing to wearing overalls like every day to baking to embroidery to getting those gains at the rec (sometimes), she really does Blow Us All Away. All things considered, We Know that Ali will be your Right Hand Man at Martel and that you’ll love having her as your Advisor!

Justin Tang

If you are reading this, you are in for a wild first year because you have Justin Tang as your Advisor! Justin is a junior hailing all the way from New Jersey (although if you ask him, he will say he’s from New York). He is a Bioengineering major and plans to attend medical school, so if you ever feel sick you can go to him for some novice and questionably accurate medical advice. When he isn’t grinding away on the 6th floor of Fondren Library or playing Fortnite in his room, Justin can be found giving tours of Rice’s campus, serving as a junior class representative in Martel’s government, or performing a third-place-worthy Hamilton rap in our annual Mr. Martel pageant. You also may see him teaching and/or consoling a large portion of the incoming class as a TA for General Chemistry. That’s right, he enjoys chemistry. Justin is one of the most dedicated people at Rice – especially when it comes to his friends. He invests so much in each friendship and is never short of encouragement and advice. No matter what is going on, he is always available and eager to help or just to hang out. Consider yourself lucky to have such a kind, caring, and highly roastable Advisor!

Ethan Schweissing

If you’re looking for someone to talk The Legend of Korra with, Ethan has been thoroughly trained in the field and is equipped to offer prime feedback. A sophomore Neuroscience major and Global Health Technologies minor hailing from Grand Junction, Colorado, you can catch Ethan at Bonnaroo this summer listening to some of his favorite artists. He’s concerned with making a difference on a widespread and campus level. Between Global Brigades, Rice’s Alliance on Mental Health Awareness, casual waterbending, and Lunch Hosting for prospective students, he has tons of insight to offer on ways to get more involved. He also has insight into all things academic as one of your O-Week Peer Academic Advisors! Though he’s on the Pre-Med track, Ethan clearly makes an effort to live in the moment and make the most of his time at Rice—both through personal development and helping those around him to blossom in the same way.

Kristen Hickey

Who this? It is Kristen Hickey, also known as Krypto Hickmo. Kristen isn’t your average Rice junior. She is a double major in both Anthropology and History and focuses most of her attention on Archaeology! She hails from the proud land of Ireland (Allentown, Pennsylvania), where the grass is green and the hair is orange. She does DIGGING in IRELAND because she LIKES it and she has a passion for understanding cultures past and present. Her biggest interest is Irish monasticism which is incredible and unique, and you should ask her about it. But behold! Kristen isn’t just academics. She also has a very big heart. She will love and care for you and has a talent for making you feel understood. She has friends all over Rice and they can all attest to how funny and smart she is. When she isn’t studying or caring for your broken heart, Kristen enjoys playing music on her ukulele and listening to EDM tunes. Beyond that, Kristen tries lots of sports and she’s great at soccer and learning other sports. She tries her best, I tell you what. She most of all loves adventures BIG and small. Let Kristen take you on an ADVENTURE this O-Week! She is the queen of Ireland and has a head full of stories, so trust in Krypto Hickmo! She won’t let you down.