Cardi BeeGees

Zach Bodek

Zachary Oswillicus Bodek aka The Jewish Mustang aka Zach, was born in Charleston, South Carolina approximately 21 years ago. Just like the state of South Carolina, Zach is known for making questionable decisions, specifically when it comes to overestimating his trivia and fantasy football prowess. He is known around campus for being a very knowledgeable senior Computer Science major boasting proficiency in both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint! Zach is very involved around campus and participates in activities such as eating, sleeping, and sometimes breathing. Zach is a bartender at Willy’s Pub and serves up tasty conversation and good vibes two to three times a week. Zach was a junior representative for his residential college and single-handedly helped bring Martel College a glorious swing set. When he isn’t serving his college, reading the New York Times on the daily, actively avoiding leg day, or raving about some obscure indie rock band, Zach can be found exploring Houston. Zach’s infectious smile and fun personality make him an indispensable friend to all who know him.

Rebecca Noel

Used to taking L’s? Fear no more! With Rebecca as your Advisor, you’ll be sure to take No-el’s in your first year at Rice. A rising sophomore from Martel College, Rebecca is a Psychology and English double major who hails from Houston, Texas. An even mix of fierce, funny, and adorkable, Rebecca is just as willing to help edit your FWIS (First-Year Writing Intensive Seminar) paper as she is to tag you in fire memes, bring you cupcakes to brighten your day, or hang out and watch The Office. You can also catch this queen around campus working as secretary for the Rice Alliance for Mental Health Awareness, giving tours, graphic designing for the Wellbeing Office, or jogging the outer loop! Congrats on getting the coolest cat out there as your Advisor!

Nisha Patel

If you’re looking for Nisha Patel, just head to the nearest Starbucks because she’ll already be there. This adventure loving, New England Patriots fan hails from Andover, Massachusetts and loves all things Boston (just ask her to pronounce “room” or what a “bubbler” is). Most days you can find Nisha coding in her bed, doing research with NASA, or planning her next foodie trip (#roasted). She’s a junior Computer Science Major and Biochemistry Minor who has a huge love for Martel. In her free time at Rice she enjoys dressing up for brunch and teaching young girls about STEM. At Martel, Nisha is involved with the Socials, Associates, and Merch Committees, the powderpuff team, AND she’s a Class Representative, so while she’s helping you through your freshman year she can also help you get involved. Without a doubt, she’ll be there for whatever you need, especially if what you need is a snack, a hug, and a long talk. If you need someone to online shop with or you have an unreasonable love for mac and cheese that you would like to share, Nisha is your girl! She is known for her big heart, love of Netflix and her classic butt-skooch dance moves. You’ve won the jackpot with Nisha Patel as your Advisor!!

Gabriel Gomide

There are boys, there are men, there are myths, there are legends, and then there is Gabriel Guthrangson Gomide aka The Brazilian Babe aka Triple G aka Gabe. Born in Brazil about 21 years ago but currently calling Chicago home, Gabe is a worldly man. Gabe was president of Rice Mariachi Luna Llena and is a world class trumpeter and mariachi. The people swoon as his sultry tunes, and, combined with his groovy dance moves, he wins over the coldest of hearts. Gabe is a senior majoring in Biochemistry with the intention to go to medical school, so if you ever have any type of ailment or injury Gabe is basically a doctor and can 100% help you out. Gabe’s activities include chillin like a villain, eating ridiculously slowly, hanging out in his home college, McMurtry, and losing at Super Smash Bros. In his free time, Gabe likes to explore Houston and have a good time. Gabe’s kind heart, chill vibes, and good conversation make him a pretty aight dude and definitely worth meeting!