Disco Club Penguin

Adrish Anand

Adrish, what a man, NOT because Adrish is what we at Martel call a Unicorn. You’ll never find anybody like Adrish because they don’t exist. Towering over the competition, this senior Chemistry and Neuroscience major is a staggering 5 feet 5 inches of pure fun, but don’t think you can beat him at basketball because his 3 foot vertical and amazing pace allows him to soar like the eagle he is. Eagle you say? That is the bird of America, one of the greatest places on Earth, and does Adrish deserve to be compared to an eagle? Yes, because this Unicorn turns out to be a Pegasus who only came to Rice because he loves the food. But not as much as he loves boba and Thai food, so if you’re looking for Saturday night dinner, then you know who to look to for an amazing night. He is about as modest as a dog (he’ll never tell you he’s a Rice Baylor scholar). Why is this bio all over the place? Because Adrish is all over the place, both mentally and physically. Not only does his mind jump from one thing to the next, but he is also incredibly fast and claims that he can run a million miles. After growing up in Los Angeles, Adrish has been molded into one of the nicest and best friends a kid could ask for. He doesn’t say anything bad about anybody, and he is always there to support you in whatever endeavor you’re doing. The only bad thing about Adrish is how good he is at Rocket League. If you aren’t familiar with apology rules, then you will be after playing him a few times. I can’t think of a better Advisor, Pegasus, or person than Adrish.

Romi Lee

Ever wanted to meet the calm, sweet and classy woman of your dreams? Well maybe next time, because your Advisor is the one and only Romi Lee! Romi (aka Romi from GroupMe) is a spunky, loud, and energetic Kinesiology and Religion double major hailing from Edina, Minnesota. When this sophomore is not at the Biosciences Research Collaborative (BRC) dissecting hearts and doing research on aortic valves or at the library on that pre-med grind you can find Romi in the commons non-stop talking about Minnesota or at a local venue in Houston jamming out at a concert. But she doesn’t stop there, Romi also stays busy planning Beer Bike, knitting dozens of hats for her fans, putting in work for the Rice Democrats, and playing left bench on Martel’s Powderpuff team. If the room seems quiet, it’s probably because Romi’s not there; if you’re bored it’s probably because Romi’s not there; if you don’t know enough about Minnesota it’s probably because Romi’s not there, so thank God you have Romi Lee as your very own Advisor!

Anh Tran

Congratulations, you must’ve won the Advisor lottery, because Anh Tran is going to be your O-Week Advisor! Anh is an Advisor loved by all, and for good reason. This Houston native is undoubtedly “hype” (if being hype means squealing at pitches so high no one can hear when excited) and is always full of love to share. She’s super trustworthy and will always give good advice. A rare pre-optometry girl (probably the only one at Rice, let’s be real), Anh is a Kinesiology and Cognitive Sciences major who “loves glaucoma” and will always have an eye out for you! As Martel’s very own mail fairy, Anh knows a lot of the ins-and-outs of Martel and usually knows what’s going on before anyone else. She’ll make sure her New Students stay in the know! Usually spotted in bed, studying in Chaus or Fondy, eating off campus, or at her cool cornea research lab, this junior Vietnamese beauty would do anything for her friends (which is practically everyone). From treating her friends to some super yummy Malaysian food in Chinatown, to studying off campus at an art cafe, even to driving furniture to help friends move, Anh is always down for an adventure (and an excuse to procrastinate). By the end of O-Week, you’ll come to know and love the meme-able, gleeful, and zealous Ohn Tron (please don’t actually call her that).

C.J. Cook

Is that Ed Sheeran I hear? Perhaps an angelic voice from the heavens? Nope, wrong redhead. That is the voice of one Charles Cook. Going by C.J. in every circumstance besides legal documents, C.J. is a talented member of the Rice Philharmonics a cappella group (@rice_phils if you feel like dropping an IG follow) and made it to the ICCA Semifinals last competition season! When he’s not pulling on your heartstrings with a mesmerizing melody, you can find C.J. on a run around the outer loop, hanging out with friends, or living it up in Fondren Library (aka Club Fondy). C.J. is a pre-med Kinesiology major, so don’t let him fool you with his boisterous talk. This outgoing sophomore from Wiess College calls Lafayette, LA home and will share his opinion of what real Cajun food is if you give him the chance. In all seriousness, C.J. is one of best people you’ll ever meet. If you’re in his O-Week group, prepare to be friends with one of the funniest, most sarcastic, yet caring people at Rice. You’re probably going to be called “fake” or “a fool” on multiple occasions, but don’t worry, it means he likes you. And you’re sure to like O-Week with him as your Advisor.