H-Town Funk

Roy Phillips

If you’ve ever watched the Office, you’re in for a treat because your Advisor, Roy Phillips is a living, breathing Electric City native. Though he grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania, he’s quite the international traveler and speaks (more-or-less) four languages! When he’s not chatting in Chinese, Spanish, or studying for his Arabic class, you can find Roy hitting the weight room or jacking baseballs for the club team. Roy also stays active in his free time playing intramural basketball, flag-football, and softball. A sophomore Electrical Engineering major, specializing in Neuro-Engineering, and planning to minor in Neuroscience, Roy hopes to research and experiment in Brain-Computer interfaces and AI to improve people’s quality of life. But don’t be intimidated by Roy’s thoughtful mind and huge muscles; he’s really a down-to-earth, wonderful, and dependable dude. He’s never afraid to cut loose and show off some awesome(ly bad?) moves on the dance floor and loves to laugh and have fun. When he’s not busy updating his fantasy baseball or football lineups, he’s a great listener and advice-giver who will always be there to support you and make you laugh. Consider yourself lucky to have Roy Phillips as your new Advisor!

Mohan Bhadriraju

Mohan Baddie-raju in three words: ball is life. His golden retriever may live in Sugarland, TX, but Atlanta is where Mohan’s heart is. This senior pre-med Psychology major is always ready to invite people over for a home-cooked dinner and jam sesh. He could be a one man band with his affinity for piano, viola, guitar, and singing, but he prefers to share the stage with Basmati Beats (or, really, any willing friends in the vicinity). Mohan’s idea of a fun time is changing the world, be it a refugee resettlement spring break or weekly lab work to cure Alzheimer’s. He’s an amazing listener, whether you’re complaining about a class he’s never taken (common) or hype about a band he’s never heard of (rare). Mohan is the most supportive combination bro/mom you’ll ever be blessed with, so make sure you cherish him and take him out to Taco Bell every so often.

Elisa Arango

If you are reading this, you are immensely lucky to be able to experience the deep kindness, goofiness and supportive nature that fills Elisa Arango. Hailing from Bellaire, TX, this junior Psychology major is more than excited to get to know each of you and welcome you to the school and college she loves. You might catch Elisa riding her scooter all over campus with her legendary and warm smile or brushing up on the many languages she speaks. When she is not serving as captain of the nationally recognized Women’s Club Soccer Team (you read that right!) or being the most enthusiastic violinist in the Campanile Orchestra, Elisa can be found working on her two minors in Coffeehouse where she is more than happy to give a supportive hand to those she cares about. If you want to get on Elisa’s good side, just bring her tea, tell her a joke (she is guaranteed to laugh at everything) or stay up to date with all the best Latin music. And just to prove how amazing she is, your very own O-Week was almost named after her: Elisa ArangO-Week! If that’s not enough to impress you, just talk to her about her twin brother, the Global Health program she did in Brazil, or her undying love for fried tofu. If you have the privilege of having Elisa as your Advisor, you are one lucky duck.

Miranda Lee

WOW! Count your lucky stars because you’ve just hit the jackpot — Miranda Lee is your Co-Advisor! A proud San Diegan, Miranda will always be down to have a conversation with you about why her hometown is the superior Californian city (especially when it comes to San Diego vs LA). When this junior History major isn’t busy writing papers about the U.S. presidents, you can find her in McMurtry Executive Council meetings as the college’s at-large representative, killing it on the Powderpuff field as the McM team’s captain, or reading her favorite excerpts from Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time. You’ll often hear Miranda approaching before you see her, as she’s constantly belting her favorite Dixie Chicks or Kacey Musgraves song while roaming the halls of McMurtry. If you ever need someone to talk to about that new rom-com you just saw or literally anything else, Miranda is an amazing resource to have. She’s one of the most empathetic and attentive people I know, and she’ll make sure your transition to Rice is as seamless as possible. Get ready for an amazing O-Week with Miranda — she can’t wait to meet you 🙂