Hakuna Madonna

Anna Margaret Clyburn

Anna Margaret Clyburn is one of the most humble, down-to-earth, and just downright brilliant people you’ll ever meet. Hailing from Wilmington, North Carolina, this 4’ 11’’ (and a half!) vegan is obsessed with spinach, reading historical fiction, Beyonce, literally every cat, Whole Foods, travelling the world, running half-marathons, and making the world a better place, but of course, the world is a better place simply because she’s in it. You can find this sophomore writing papers at Black Hole Coffee House, running on the outer loop, sipping green tea at Chaus, eating breakfast (her favorite meal) at Baker’s servery, or just chilling in the sun. For hours. This girl might actually be photosynthetic. She’s a proud member of the Rice Vegan society, the campus peta2 representative, Martel’s elected representative to the Rice Student Association, a biker on Martel’s Women’s Beer Bike team, one of your O-Week PAAs and one of the most capable and passionate people at Rice, so look forward to seeing all of the AMAZING things she’s going to do over the next three years as a History major. Congratulations on getting Anna Margaret as your Advisor! She genuinely can’t wait to get to know you and help you have an amazing first year. (P.S. Ask her what her greatest talent is! You won’t regret it.)

Justin Fan

Are you wondering what that melodious voice drifting through the breeze in the humid summer air is? It’s the sound of Justin Fan strumming his guitar and serenading you as you walk into Martel for the very first time. Originally from Hong Kong, there is little that this Martel senior can’t do. On a typical day, it is abnormal if you don’t see him playing a game of pickup basketball, competing for Martel in floor hockey, at rehearsals with his a capella group Nocturnal, working hard on his calisthenics, and coding a difficult project for his Computer Science major. But Justin is more than his many talents and hobbies. If you need a smile or a hug, he will be there for you with open arms. If you need a listening ear, he will reschedule all of his commitments to offer up his. If you need someone to eat late-night food with, he will take you to all of his favorite restaurants (he has many) and eat with you to your heart’s content. If you need support, he will be your #1 Fan. Count yourself lucky to have Justin as your Advisor, for you have just made friends with one of the most genuine, intelligent, fun, and caring people at Rice.

David Karngba

Drum roll please….meet your amazing Advisor David Karngba!!! This native Houstonian will always be ready to have a good time. If you’re looking for a challenge, he can hand you an L in 2K, and then step on the court to do the same thing. Competition aside, he is one of the most caring people you will ever meet, and will have no problem helping you with pretty much anything from Chemistry to how to milly rock it up on the dance floor. As a Chemical Engineering major, David almost always has something he should be doing, but that never gets in the way of spending time with his friends. This sophomore is super energetic and will always hype you up in any situation. Whether it be for a test or presentation, you can always count on David to be your hype man. With David, you are guaranteed an Advisor who will support and encourage you endlessly throughout your time at Rice and even beyond. Prepare to have one of the best O-Week experiences with the most energetic, caring, and brilliant Advisor out there! He won’t let you down!

Annum Sadana

Beyonce. Michelle Obama. Priyanka Chopra. What do all these women have in common? They wanted to be Annum Sadana when they grew up. Don’t let her tiny frame fool you; this Bollywood Babe can pack a lot of sass, confidence, and wit in a little over 5 feet. With her “anything you can do, I can do better attitude” and dash of southern hospitality, Annum represents the spirit of her native Houston and the spice of her Indian heritage in all of her academic and extracurricular pursuits. From working with Refugee populations in Lesbos to researching women’s health in the Middle East, this junior is making strides to become the next medical goddess of America, but for now, she has to settle for running the pre-med show at Rice. With what little free time she has left, Annum can be found majoring in Neuroscience and Health Policy, dancing the night away on Rice Riyaaz, spending all her tetra at Coffeehouse, and giving her whole self to supporting and caring for her friends. If you couldn’t guess already, Annum has it all, and I could not find a better role model, dancing buddy, or friend for New Students at Martel.