Harry Bopper and the Chamber of Sequins

Austin Tang

It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane. No, it’s Austin Tang speeding through campus on his longboard! Hailing from Sugar Land, Texas, you will not meet a sweeter guy than Austin. On a typical day, you can catch this Martel senior working hard on his Economics problem sets, playing for Martel in intramural basketball, or being distracted by his phone. Austin possesses a unique combination of smooth dance moves, heavenly cello playing skills, a wet jump shot and of course a sweetheart. Austin spends as much money on lemonade as the average Rice student spends on boba. Just as the Greek Gods lived among the mortals, Austin, the God of Rap, lives among us Greek mortals at Martel. If you ask him nicely he may unleash his superpower and spit the lyrics of “Rap God” or “Look at Me Now” faster than the original versions. There’s no debating that you’ve scored an awesome Advisor in Austin.

Hannah Towbin

Hannah Towbin is an extroverted, athletic, intelligent, and dedicated Rice student majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in both Biochemistry and Evolutionary Biology. This sophomore spends most of her time studying, yet still finds time to regularly exercise and make friends who love her. Some might say she is remarkable, and they would be correct. In the words of the aforementioned loving friends, Hannah is a dazzling blonde goddess, hailing from Brea, California. She excels in all things. A few of her most notable strengths include connecting anything and everything to biology, avoiding pitifully ineffective defenders on the powderpuff field with her shifty hips, and yelling at pitches too high for the human ear. A divine being indeed. You may be intimidated, but do not fear. Deep inside Hannah Towbin is a smol, easily frightened bean sprout. A sneaky surprise appearance combined with a slight “BOO” is enough to drop her dead to the ground. Literally. All jokes aside, Hannah is one of the most loving, sensitive, and enthusiastic people we’ve ever encountered. If you’re lucky enough to be her student, get ready for a wild ride of overwhelming affection, ab-creating laughs, and phenomenal advice. If you don’t love her already, we promise you will.

Julie Thamby

Described by her ‘friends’ as “ridiculously radiant and surpassingly sincere” and “an Arizona native,” Julie Thamby (pronounced Thumb-bee, not Bambi) is a caring, kind, and social junior who is always willing to lend a helping hand. This quirky premed majoring in Cognitive Sciences will always brighten up your day and make time for you between the hours she spends counting worms in lab, evenings spent asking for money at the Rice Telefund, or months spent planning an Alternative Spring Break as a site leader. You can find her most days in the Commons arguing with people over the New York Times Crossword during lunch, running around planning events as one of the Martel Supercommittee Directors, or binge watching trashy YouTube Vlogs. Although friendly and approachable, don’t be offended if she does not wave back because she never wears her glasses and can’t see. All in all, you are lucky to have Julie as an Advisor during O-week; this prolific overachiever will do everything she can to welcome you to Martel!

Collin Allen

Collin “Biceps” “Q” “Tex” “Collie” Allen is a teddy bear disguised as a human: good for deep talks, laughs, and comfort. Despite almost electrocuting himself freshman year, this junior is still an Electrical Engineering major and conducts research. Hailing from Austin, he is constantly chowin’ down on prodigious amounts of goldfish and peanut butter. Probably the world’s biggest fan of the beach and kolaches–preferably together–he also loves dogs, movie nights, and playing ultimate frisbee. He’s good at being late: sleeping in late, going to bed late, going out to eat late, staying up talking late, you get the gist. He likes swimming, volleyball, and singing sappy songs almost as much as he likes pranking friends and going on adventures. Ask him to draw you an armadillo.