MABBAgascar: We Like to Groove it Groove it

Louis Alvares

You’re one lucky New Student to score Louis Alvares as your Advisor this year! Coming from southern Brazil, this sophomore is a warm-hearted, fun-loving, sport-aholic who is so passionate about his Sports Management major you’ll likely consider becoming one yourself! You will probably spot him on the basketball courts swooshing some three-pointers, playing goalie for the Martel intramural team, or on Wiess fields as a receiver in flag football. On top of being good at playing every sport, he knows literally everything about them. He will gladly talk for hours about foreign soccer teams you have never heard of in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian! His knowledge doesn’t stop there because Louis seems to know every bizarre fact about geography, history, and everything else. All in all, Louis is an incredible guy who will always be there to brighten your day, inspire you to keep going, and have your back no matter what!

Jenny Wang

Some un-fun facts about Jenny Wang: she starts listening to Christmas music in August, doesn’t like nutella and most chocolate things, and truly believes glitter is her worst enemy. Some ~wholesome~ fun facts: she is extremely excited to welcome new Martelians like yourself to the best college ever, has a cute doggo, and loves her baby niece (who you will definitely get to see pictures of). As a Visual Arts and Kinesiology major, Jenny is well versed in all parts of academic life (it’s no wonder she is one of Martel’s amazing Peer Academic Advisors). When she isn’t writing for Catalyst (the undergraduate science journal) or coordinating events for the Moody Arts Center, you can find this junior sitting in our beautiful quad listening to her many Spotify playlists or hanging out with friends. Residing in Houston almost all her life, Jenny is guaranteed to show you all her favorite restaurants around Rice, as she has a passion for making those around her fall in love with Houston’s diverse food scene as well. Though she does not trust anyone who has never read the Harry Potter series, she’s sure to earn your trust with her soft, warm, and caring personality. If you ever need a friend to go to concerts with, someone to explore Houston’s coffee shops and outdoor spots, or even just a shoulder to lean on, Jenny is yo girl.

Erik Yamada

Meet Erik — with a “K” instead of a “C” because “K” is strong, just like him. Don’t believe me? Go watch him shoot some hoops as the captain of the Club Basketball team, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. When he’s not working hard on his code as a Computer Science major, he’s dedicating his time to making a social impact in Design for America. Though he is a rising senior from the tropical state of Hawaii, there’s nothing “lei”-m about him — he can do it all. Catch him spitting fire to the hottest rap songs one day and then serenading you with his ukulele the next. Or spot him doing an intense workout at the Rec and then coming home to binge-watch “Stranger Things” while sprawled on the couch. Or watch him eat two main courses as well as your leftovers vigorously and then laugh as he passes out from a food coma shortly after. Clearly a man of paradoxical talents, there’s one thing about him that is consistent: he is a phenomenal friend and Advisor, who will — without a doubt — make you feel better than you did before you interacted with him.

Jane Clinger

Beans, meet your new Co-Advisor…Jane Clinger! Hailing from the D.C. area (Alexandria, VA to be EXACT), Jane is many things: tall, a slow walker, a Psychology major, a little hard of hearing, a Golden Globes enthusiast, a rising junior, pub employee extraordinaire, a proud MURT, lover of Timothee Chalamet and Harry Styles, inhabitant of a pristine and beautiful room (her bed has a canopy w/ fairy lights), and very, very secretive about her middle name. Jane, also often dubbed as LL cool JANE or Janie girl or girl w/ chic hair and cute clothes, can daily be found watching a new TV show that everyone will soon be watching as well, writing a dope paper on film or psychology or one of the other many things she’s into, or cleaning. Equipped with the ability to recognize and remember all music, one of those little Fjallraven Kanken backpacks, and very nice eyebrows, Jane truly conquers the world. In all seriousness, Jane is endlessly generous, funny, humble, and kind, and always always there when you need her. Love this girl, she’s cute as heck and deserves the best and now the best is YOU! Congrats, you also got the best because it’s Jane and she’s just awesome.