Scooby Groovy Doo and the Funky Phantom

Tanner Reese

Tanner Reese truly is a Renaissance man. If this junior Biochemistry major is not in his room playing Fortnite, he’s probably in lab curing cancer or running around as the Flash doing Britney Spears impressions (if that sentence made no sense, ask him! It’s quite the story). He’s beyond organized, with his room perfectly neat and pristine, and diligent beyond belief. He’s one of the most hardworking and dedicated students I know and has done so much for Martel and the university. He cares so much for his friends, and this will certainly translate to his New Students. I couldn’t have imagined a better Advisor, and Tanner truly will be one of the most upfront and genuine people you meet here at Rice. You’re all so lucky to have a person like Tanner as your Advisor and I can’t wait for y’all to meet him! If you love the movie It, anything DC related, golf, his hometown Dallas Stars, or just wholesome genuinely nice people in general, you’re gonna love Tanner.

Paras Gupta

Paras is a man that loves milk. Anything to do with milk, you name it, he’s in love with it. Rarely can you find this Chemical Engineer enjoying any meal without an ice-cold carton of milk in his hand. And speaking of ice, the only thing colder than this sophomore’s milk is his three-point shot. Someone wise once said “You miss every shot you don’t take,” and, sure enough, Paras personally took it upon himself to verify this claim – no matter how contested a step-back three is, “it’s a good shot”, and – miraculously – they go in. Even though his three-point shots are ridiculous, Paras – a native of Cypress, Texas – is one of the sweetest, quirkiest, most intelligent people you could meet. Although his puns are utterly insufferable, he is irreplaceable. The truth is, his daily frustrations with League of Legends and 2K are humorous enough to get anyone through their day. Somehow Paras always seems to have the exact words of encouragement you need when you’re doubting yourself, or to know the perfect joke to distract you with a few good laughs. Asking for a better roommate is difficult, a better friend, impossible, but a better basketball player, incredibly easy. Sometimes you’ll wonder if you had gotten an Advisor who didn’t like milk or could make a layup to save his life, and you’ll be immensely grateful that you didn’t get those things. Some time spent with Paras will make you love him just as much as he loves milk.

Sophie Clayton

Congratulations, New Student! First on committing to Rice, and second, on getting Sophie Clayton as one of your Advisors! Caution: her enthusiastic energy is incredibly contagious and may result in fits of giggles over the silliest vine reference or happy tears after watching the entire Pride and Prejudice BBC miniseries. Sophie is a native Houstonian, which means she knows all the hip shops and spots in the diverse city you’ll soon call home. Hit her up for a cute coffee date or a walk down to Rice Village to get her favorite meal: Pad Thai from Thai Spice. Sophie is passionate about learning too; you can catch her every Sunday night working in the commons as a Head Martel Mentor, tutoring new and returning students alike (and providing yummy snacks)! In addition, you can often find Sophie at Rice Coffeehouse where she works as a barista, or Keeper of Coffee. As a sophomore double majoring in Cognitive Sciences (with a concentration in Psychology) and Political Science, she drinks a lot of coffee. If there’s anything Sophie loves more than all these things, it’s dogs. Sophie and her family have fostered over 70 puppies and continue to do so; sometimes you can even spot her puppies frolicking in the Martel quad. In short, Sophie is a generous, loyal, and incredibly sarcastic person who you can always count on to discuss anything from The Office to student government to the newest Mitski song!

Priya Kane

If you hear someone laughing about something that isn’t actually funny, you’re probably hearing Priya Kane. This rising senior loves to laugh as big as her hometown suburb of Sugar Land, TX. Although she’s a native Houstonian, Priya enjoys exploring new places and new activities, and travelling wherever adventure is. In spring 2018, Priya studied abroad in India, South Africa, and Brazil, while eating her way through all three continents as her food/dessert-loving self would. As a Psychology major and Business minor, she juggles her time between academics and extracurriculars. This powderpuff team captain loves playing intramural sports, chatting about Rice as a tour guide, and attending business or policy-oriented events (especially those with free food). While she’s looking into careers in healthcare or business, Priya wanted to be a veterinarian for the first ten years of her life. She is obsessed with all animals, especially cute puppies and kitties and honestly wishes that her twin brother at Hanszen College had assumed the form of a canine. As a second-generation Indian American, Priya loves spice in all aspects of her life, but enjoys kicking back and having a chill or serious conversation about literally anything. Whether you’re someone new in her life or a good friend of hers, Priya is one of the most down-to-earth, comfortable people you will ever know and is super excited to meet you!