Hotbrine Bling: You Used to Call me on my Shell Phone


John Williams

john williams

John Williams is a famous composer that wrote the score to Jaws, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, ET, Harry Potter, and, of course, Star Wars. This John Williams is not at all related to that guy. This John Williams is a senior mechanical engineer with a minor in math. Outside of the classroom you can find John on the IM fields playing every kind of sport imaginable. With his 6’’3″’’ frame and the hops of Zach Randolph, it’s no wonder he became the captain of the Rice club basketball team. In high school, John was the quarterback of his football team, and he has a sick mixtape (move over, John Wall) somewhere in the depths of YouTube. He has since retired from football and has moved into a coaching role on the Martel powderpuff team. In the last two years he has coached the team to the championship game twice. As a Portland native he desired to start a craft brewery, but when that didn’t work out he did the next best thing and became the General Manager of Willy’s Pub on campus. He is spending the summer in Japan researching in a lab, but if that doesn’t pan out he plans on exploring the country.

Adrish Anand

adrish anand

Adrish, what a man. Not! Because Adrish is what we at Martel call a unicorn. You’ll never find other people like Adrish because they don’t exist. Towering over the competition, Adrish is a staggering 5 feet 5 inches of pure fun. But don’t think you can beat him at basketball, because his 3-foot vertical and amazing pace allow him to soar like the Pegasus he is. Fun fact: Adrish loves Thai food and boba. This is the way to his heart. You’re welcome. He is a Rice-Baylor scholar studying biochemistry, and I feel this needs to be in his bio because Adrish would never tell you about it. He is about as modest as a dog. Why is this bio all over the place? Because Adrish is all over the place, both mentally and physically. Not only does his mind jump from one thing to the next, but he is also incredibly fast. After growing up in Los Angeles, Adrish has been molded into one of the nicest and best friends a kid could ask for. I can’t think of a better Advisor than he.


Ali Edelson

ali edelson

Have you ever wondered what a Five Guys veggie sandwich might taste like? No? But this girl has! Don’t worry, though, she doesn’t usually make such bad decisions. Her name is Alexandria Elizabeth Poppy Rachel Young Mallin Edelson, but you can call her Ali. Ali is a first-rate, fourth-year architecture student from Brown College. She may spend a good amount of time in studio, but she can always find time for an O-Week lunch or a late night macaron. You can court this calm yogi with cats, contemporary art, or coffee. Ali is fabulous enough to have partied with Jay Z and Beyonce on New Year’s Eve last year. That speaks for itself if you weren’t yet convinced that you really lucked out with Ali as an Advisor. Ask her about classes, how to have fun, and what it’s like to be an Archi, and she will have answers for it all. Always down to catch up over brunch or show you the color-changing lights in her car, she’s a great person to have on your team, an awesome Advisor, and an even better friend.


Cindy Ryoo

cindy ryoo

Cindy is hard to miss—if it’s not her loud cackling she calls laughter, it’s her colorfully dyed hair that will catch your attention. She loves to smile and laugh, despite the constantly confused look on her face. This Korean-American was raised in Southern California and takes huge pride in both her Korean and Cali culture. Food is the center of the universe for Cindy and it’s no joke that she loves all types of foods and is always ready to try a new cuisine. If there’s free food at an event, she’s there. Cindy has a passion for helping people and is always willing to lend a hand, if you are willing to approach her (she’s a bit shy so you’ll have to say, “Hi” first). Despite being a studio art major, she wants to eventually become a math teacher. If you’re around her for long enough, you’ll start to pick up on one of her many catchphrases. You’ll even hear her say phrases in Spanish, courtesy of her two closest friends, who happen to be Hispanic. She loves listening to music, so chances are she’ll have her headphones in whenever you run into her. She also loves: animals, ceramics, the smell of bread, coloring, baking, Netflix, blankets, cleanliness, free things, and finally, more food.