Mean Gills: You can’t Swim with us


Laura Keehan

laura keehan

Laura Keehan starter pack: Tory Burch flip flops, servery coffee, long shirts, athletic shorts, Game of Thrones, and an organic chemistry textbook. You can usually catch her in a lonely cubicle on the fourth floor of Fondren Library, on the basketball court winning IM championships, or on the dance floor on select weekends (but only if she doesn’t have a midterm within the next three weeks). And by dancing, I mean bobbing up and down with a dopey grin on her face or flailing her long awkward limbs everywhere. She probably doesn’t know the words to any of the songs though, because she only listens to the Mum- ford and Sons Pandora station. I know, she still uses Pandora… seriously. All pre-med/awkward jokes aside, Laura’s a pretty cool gal. She ran a half marathon, started her own awesome club at Rice (Rice All-Stars), and is an insanely dedicated student. She’s like Shaq if he came to Rice. So if she’s your Advisor, get pumped.

Beatriz Mesta

beatriz mesta

Powderpuff, economics, Mexican and French. When any combination of these words come up in a conversation, there is a good chance that you’re talking about Beatriz Mesta (or Bea; just don’t call her B). This senior from El Paso has two majors, economics and managerial studies, and a business minor. And if consistently making sarcastic comments were a minor, she would have that too. This Latina will not only make you fall to the ground laughing at her jokes (sometimes, just at her), but will also dazzle you with her dance moves and convey her suavity as you hear her speak French. (She only spent a whole semester there, no big deal.) If you don’t see her studying to ace her economics courses or killing it on the field for powderpuff, you will definitely see Bea embodying the Martel culture. She is devoted to helping Martelians every day and has served as a secretary, sports committee head, and a PAA. Bea is extremely nice and is always open to help you with anything, from academics to learning how to salsa. In all seriousness, Bea is going to be one of the most caring, passionate, and reliable friends you will make at Rice! Get ready for an amazing O-Week with Beatriz as one of your Advisors!


Lavan rajan

lavan rajan

Hailing from Pasadena, California, Lavan can be seen surfing the waves of love and adoration that come his way. He is a kinesiology – sports medicine – pre-med with minors in late night food, napping, and Grand Theft Auto. This boss also has time to ace his classes, mentor refugee children, do lab research, and go to the pool everyday – on top of being a really great dude. Lavan is a friend you can definitely lean on, likes to dabble on the drums, and is an avid sports fan (he may or may not have a Lakers onesie). He is also amazing on the soccer field and showcases his skills as an integral member of the intramural soccer team FC Gulab. Rumor has it, he actually won both the Running Man and the Ice Bucket challenges. What I know for sure though, is that when you catch this Martel junior at parties, chillin’ in his room (or really anywhere on campus), you’ll be Lavan the fact that he is your Advisor.


Aya Rossano

aya rossano

Aya Papaya, or as I like to call her, the sweetest person ever: born in Japan and raised in Seattle, Aya can tell you how much she loves the Seattle Seahawks in fluent Japanese. As a pre-med and kinesiology major, Aya can eagerly tell you anything related to sports medicine, from nutrition, to physiology, to general health, with a passion that’s infectious. And as a pole vaulter for Rice’s track team, she can clear bars over 12 feet high all while looking #flawless. When Aya isn’t working hard as an athlete and a pre-med student, she loves hanging out with friends, eating yogurt parfaits, doing acroyoga, and getting coffee ice cream at Amy’s. Aya is known for her positive attitude and bubbly personality, and her laugh will always make you smile. She jumps over bars in pole vaulting and she’ll jump right into your heart. So get ready to meet this spectacular Martelian!