N’Sync or Swim


Nikitha Cherayil

nikitha cherayil

Nikitha Cherayil is a bundle of laughs. Whether you’re laughing at her or with her, you can rest assured that you will be cheered up when you hang out with her. Aside from being a pseudo-pre-med (you’ll have to ask her) and a bioengineer, she’s also involved in the Splash program, mentoring middle schoolers and giving them the chance to see Rice. Nikitha (Niki for short) reminds me about what I love about the Rice community. She works her hardest to make sure she is learning, but she’s laid back enough to recognize that her classes aren’t the end-all, be-all. She takes time to meet other people, hang out with the rest of us plebeians, and truly enjoy her time at Rice. Whether it’s about her past in Oman, her journey towards being a premed, or about Indian food, you can talk to Niki about mostly anything. Whether you have a problem or you just want to take time out of your day to make fun of her, Niki is always there for you.

Connor Heggie

connor heggie

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume one of two things: (1) You REALLY want to know more about Martel’s O-Week Advisors, or, (2) You have been placed in Connor Heggie’s O-Week group. If you have Connor as your Co-Advisor, well then good luck my friend, because he happens to be one of the squanchiest, dankest, shwankiest off the hook boss-hogs that I know! Don’t let his Orange County tan line fool ya’: he’s more brains than *bronzer* (ZING). Connor is a junior at Will Rice College majoring in electrical engineering with a minor in Cali-Swag. He transferred to Rice after his freshman year at the University of Arizona and hasn’t stopped making right decisions since. When he isn’t busy destroying homework problem sets, you can find Connor pumping mad condensed rubber in the gym, doing research, being co-secretary at Will Rice College, or being the most social dude on campus. No matter where Connor is or what he’s doing, he always greets everyone with a big smile and an enormous bear hug (yes, he will hug you even if he knows it will be uncomfortable). Connor’s one fantastic, bombastic tub of fun, and it’s going to be a blast having him as your O-Week Co-Advisor!


Vy Nguyen

vy nguyen

Next time you walk into Fondren for some late night studying, keep your eye out. If you look closely, you’ll spot a wild Vy Nguyen. How can you tell it’s her? Easy. 1) She’ll be wearing a sweatshirt that’s four sizes too big for her. 2) She’ll be listening to Drake on repeat. 3) She’ll be taking some extra-up- close selfies. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still at the library to work hard; this economics and managerial studies double major and business minor puts her all into her studies, which earned her an internship at JP Morgan in Houston this summer. And even with all this ambition, she always puts her friends first. If you want to spend time with Vy, hit her up to watch some Grey’s Anatomy or to chat about Zayn’s perfection (warning: this could go on for hours). A true Southern sweetheart from Savannah, Georgia, she will give you sincere advice on your relationships and make sure that you make as many friends as possible at Rice.


Josh Sorge

josh sorge

Hey there! Welcome to the best college ever- I am super excited to meet each of you. My name is Josh Sorge (some people call me Jorge) and I’m a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. You can count on me to provide an endless supply of horrible (actually great) puns, jokes, and stories. Though you might not guess from pictures of me, I grew up in India, and only moved back to the US permanently when I started at Rice. In fact, I am spending most of my summer in India, home sweat home (not a mistake – it’s hot here). I can assure that no matter how unusual or unique your background is, Martel will provide you with a place to express it without fear or judgement. I’am a member of XA, a Christian fellowship on campus, and a few other groups on campus. I am also a pretty serious biker and will encourage you to join Martel’s Beer Bike team! We won last year – and I’m hoping it will be a tradition for us. Once again, welcome to H2O-Week and Martel!