Oceans 11


Lizzy Kalomeris

lizzy kalomeris

Though very different in effect, Lizzy Kalomeris has had about as much impact on life at Rice as the Chicxulub asteroid had on life on Earth. She’s capable of getting along with people from all walks of life with her sharp wit and deeply-ingrained empathy, be they from her social science studies, her work in the Beier lab, or her frequent outings to hip Houston events, or to another city entirely. Lizzy’s also heavily involved in the Martel community through time as a Student Representative and secretary, her availability as a Martel Mentor, and her fierce haircuts to Martelians. Her unique style and vernacular have each considerably influenced the fash- ion and diction of the Rice population. She’s ambitious, creative, diligent, debonair, wise, altruistic, a fantastic listener and always sincere. She’s a former freshman LEGEND and current BNOC**. She’s the best Lizzy since McGuire, the perfect companion on any adventure, and an incredible Advisor. **Big name on campus.

Anna Lopez

anna lopez

Despite her small hands, Anna (Pronounced on-na ) is a woman with a big personality. She hails from the lands of sunny California. Straight out of the heart of Los Angeles this little ball of joy never fails to make your day. Being a good friend is in Anna’s blood, and she’s been at it for as long as she can remember. In high school, Anna was such an upstanding citizen she even won an award for being nice. Having a bad day? Anna is there for you with a warm hug and some kind words. Have a birthday coming up? Anna is hiding out in your closet with 15 other people for your surprise party. Have a big test in your hardest class? Anna is blowing up your phone with adorable motivational dog memes. If you want to get to know Anna (trust me, you do) then all you have to do is show her a picture of a cute puppy, or ask her about her own dog, Cooper. If you ever feel lonely or unpopular just send Anna a text and you’ll get 17 back asking how your day is going because she just cares so much about everyone. Anna is always up for a good time and loves to go out on the weekends, so if you see her out and about don’t be afraid to say hi. If you’re lucky enough to have this incredibly kind, caring, out- going, tiny little woman as your Advisor, you’re in for an amazing O-Week!


Erik Maher

erik maher

Upon first making the acquaintance of this hunk of a track star, you will be taken aback by a number of things. First and foremost, you will learn the true meaning of the color pink by way of the color of Erik’s face at the most awkward situations (as in almost all of O-Week). Next, you will figure out that the way Erik lets you know he’s truly comfortable around you is by being his obscenely weird, but somehow really cool, nice and genuine self around you. This Irish, Norwegian viking and Division 1 athlete is a classics major and an aspiring educator hailing from Northern New Jersey. (Fun fact: his hometown is the same as the Sopranos!) Giving Erik even more international flavor are his near obsessions with Australian Football and English literature. But don’t you worry, this all-American boy also loves his baseball so much it’s hard not to find him sporting a baseball hat. Long story short, this dude is really, really chill, and once you’re friends with him, he will make your life so much more fulfilling and entertaining.


Luke Samora

luke samora

Martel include being a class representa- tive his sophomore year and helping out A rising senior at Martel, Luke is entering his third year of Advising. Although he has been to this rodeo many times, he is especially excited about this O-Week and ending his career as a Martel Advisor with a bang. Other things he has been involved with during his time at with coaching the Martel powderpuff team the past two seasons. Campus wide, he has worked in several undergraduate research positions, both in the computer science and biology departments, and can answer any questions relating to undergraduate research interest. He is majoring in computer science, and loves to program on the side, whether it’s for trying out a new micro-controller he just got his hands on, or helping anyone out that wants to get their website up and running. But most importantly, he loves Martel and is looking forward to being your Advisor!