Sharkira: Fins don’t Lie


Carolina de Santiago

carolina de santiago

Karo? Coraline? Catalina? Actually, it’s none of the above. Hailing from the growing town of El Paso, Texas, Miss Carolina De Santiago, or Caro for short, is the beautiful and budding bioengineer from Duncan College! Caro is the one person you can always count on, whenever, wherever, even in the middle of the night. With a heart as beautiful and as passionate as her personality, Caro will always take time to listen to you, even if it means listening to rants that may go on for hours upon hours. Not only does she have an extraordinary personality, Caro also has a brilliant mind, always able to keep up and excel in her rigorous studies, even finding time to help other fellow students as well! With all of this, Caro balances a late-night job at the Hoot and still finds time to rock out at local concerts and make art for others in her spare time. With an Advisor like Caro, you dolphinately won’t ever be disappointed and will shore-ly have the best H2O-Week and the best next four years of your life here at Rice.

Thresa Skelien-Jenkins

thresa skeslien-jenkins

Thresa Skeslien-Jenkins is awake by 6 a.m. every morning, because she’s got a lot to do. Thresa is known for strongly encouraging you to volunteer for the outreach thing she’s coordinating, letting you know exactly what cool talks are going on around campus, frequently eating her dessert before her dinner, and being all around one of the kindest people on campus. She wears shorts and tank tops even in the middle of the harsh Houston winter, possibly because she’s from the arctic tundra that is Montana, but more likely because of her warm heart. She’s studying sociology, political science, and policy studies, so she pretty much knows about everything, and don’t be surprised if she’s ready to tell you about income inequality and the criminalization of poverty even though it’s 8 a.m. and you haven’t had any coffee yet. If there’s any Advisor always ready to lend a hand, it’s Thresa; and she’s so excited to meet you!


Ashkan Rohani

ashkan rohani

This man, the real Prince of Persia, is a hardworking junior Chemical Engineer. He was born in Canada, but is a proud Houstonian at heart. He is an avid Rockets fan, and also a part-time bandwagon Warriors fan. Ashkan is an extreme athletic legend. He will flip for hours on the trampoline, and he is also a pro speed-longboarder. You will often see him playing soccer on the quad, scoring goals (or so he says). As captain of the Martel Men’s soccer team, he’s led us to a first-round elimination from the playoffs. He is also the only known basketball player to celebrate on more three-point attempts than he actually makes! Socially, Ashkan is a butterfly. He is one of the most genuine guys you will meet and is willing to have a real conversation with you. He is the one guy that puts a smile on everybody’s face when he walks into the room, no matter what mood they’re in.


Anna Kim

anna kim

Anna is a ball of sunshine that is fueled by coffee and food. Born in Korea, Anna grew up in Singapore and has travelled all over the world. When she came to Houston, she was impressed with the great weather, the food, and the local fauna. (One time she saw a possum and hid in her room for a day!) Anna is a senior mechanical engineer with a minor in sass. As the Martel Prime Minister she is in charge of all Martel events and committees. When she isn’t at Martel running the show, or at the Recreation Center running on a treadmill, she fixes bikes at Rice Bikes. Outside of Martel, Anna is the President of the Rice University Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers. She even finds the time to tutor students on Sunday nights as a Martel Mentor. (Just don’t ask her how to pronounce cantaloupe.) As you can tell from this short bio, Anna is a pretty big deal, but beyond that she is a great friend, and she can’t wait to meet all of the new students.