Super Splash Bros


Claire Peng

claire peng

If you just can’t wait those extra hours to meet Claire Peng once you arrive in Houston, there’s a foolproof way to make her appear instantly. Just whisper, I bet Taiwan isn’t really that great, and her someone-is-talking-about-Taiwan senses will alert her. She’ll run at the speed of light to let you know that you’re very, very wrong. After living in New York, Connecticut, Shanghai, and (best of all) Taiwan, Claire’s global views help her as a policy studies major. As if that wasn’t enough, she also studies cognitive sciences, so she can impress you with all her psychology knowledge. Stop by the Hoot to grab a quick bite, and her infectious smile will warm your heart like the pizza she serves. If you need a study break, she’ll be there to dance around the room with you. She dedicates her spare time to being an RHA, a Martel Associates Committee head, and the Habitat for Humanity build chair. And best of all, Claire is the safest, most experienced driver you will ever meet. You’re so lucky to have her!

Jeffrey Joyce

jeff joyce

You haven’t been hugged until you’ve been hugged by Jeff Joyce. This 6’2″ giant teddy bear is full of love and the most genuine smiles. Hailing from Slidell, Louisiana, Jeff is a gator wrestler and crawfish-eating champion by birth. Jeff has got it all. Not only is he incredibly kind, he also has the brains. You can find this chemical and biological engineering major around finishing any one of his lab reports, group projects, home work, or studying for an upcoming test. He puts his CHBE mad scientist skills to work in his research lab where he mixes up some top-secret experiments. To blow off some steam, Jeff heads to the Recreation Center to make buckets on the basketball court. To relax, Jeff loves to watch movies. He knows more movies than anyone else I know, and he has an inhuman ability to quote them. He is also always down to go on an adventure with his friends, whether it’s late-night food run or a trip to an indoor trampo- line park. If you need help, Jeff will be there for you in a second. He is one of the most caring and funny people you will ever meet, and within seconds he will crack a joke to make you feel better. Count your lucky stars that you have this guy as your Co-Advisor.


Puja Tripuraneni

puja tripuraneni

Imagine Winnie the Pooh. Now imagine Stitch from the beloved Disney show Lilo & Stitch. Now imagine warm chai lattes, Christmas lights, and the biggest smile that can fit on a human face. Using the power of your imagination, somehow combine all of these lovely things into one and morph that thing into a person. That’s as close as you can get to encapsulating Puja Tripuraneni. New Students, you’ve found a treasure! Puja’s strengths include slaying with any number of Indian dance groups, caring for those around her with the strength of a million suns, and making friends with probably everyone on campus. You can find this kinesiology (sports medicine) major working at super important science labs to eradicate world sadness, volunteering at Nourish International or Camp Kesem like the pure, kindhearted soul she is, or jetting off to grace some far- flung friends with her presence. Hit her up for sage advice, or for a singular type of goofy, carefree fun that only she can provide. Puja is sure to be an even better friend to all new students than she will be an Advisor—and that’s saying a lot!


Emma Wine

emma wine

You know the look of pure happiness that puppies and children get in their eyes when they’re really excited about something? The “this is amazing and nothing can ruin my moment” look? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, don’t worry—all you have to do to see it is ask Emma Wine a question that somehow relates to Ultimate Frisbee, New Yorker cartoons, Tucson, AZ (her hometown), or any of Mozart’s operas. As a music composition major, Emma can usually be found at or near the Shepherd School of Music; however, when she’s not there, she’s probably on a field somewhere playing Frisbee or at Coffeehouse enjoying an Everything bar and catching up with friends. The combination of her quirky sense of humor with her passion for getting the most out of life guarantees that every moment you spend with her will be an adventure of some sort. She always makes time for her friends—whether you need a laugh, a cry, a hug, a spontaneous taco run, an existential life chat, a powerful pep talk, or a killer peanut-butter-banana milk- shake, Emma will undoubtedly be there for you…. probably carrying a Frisbee.