Water Parks and Recreation


Levi Saucedo

levi saucedo

Levi’s a rising Senior majoring in Psy- chology with a minor in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and hopes to one day attend medical school. He is currently a research assistant in the BMED lab at the Bioscience Research Collaborative. Some fun facts include that Levi, very poorly, plays the guitar and that Levi and Batman have never been seen in the same room, mostly because Bat- man owes him money. Besides that endless feud, Levi is a friendly person who promises to give you plenty of laughter when you’re around him. You’ll likely find him in Fondren looking very confused, if not he’ll be at the gym, still looking very confused. However, if you wish to see him in his natural environment, you’ll have to come to his room and challenge his mastery of all video games. Yes all video games. If you STILL can’t find him, then you’ll find find him on the sundeck spending time with friends, but wherever you find him, he’ll always greet you with open arms.

Toni Smith

toni smith

Toni Smith is a fruit thief, a Thai food addict, a cute sneezer, and linebacker of Martel’s powderpuff team. When she isn’t looking for her keys or breaking her phone, Toni is a (surprisingly) responsible and hardworking person. She is a kinesiology (sports medicine) major, manager at the Recreation Center, student athletic trainer with the football team, and your Chief Justice, Most impressively, however, Toni finished all 6 seasons of Archer in 3 weeks. If you’re lucky enough to meet her, you’ll find that Toni Smith is one of the funniest, most caring people at Rice. She’ll always be there for you—whether you want takeout or boba.


Sanjana Ranganathan

sanjana ranganathan

Who lives in Wiess College at Rice University? Sanjana Ranganathan! Witty and punny and joyous is she, Sanjana Ranganathan! If uncontrollable laughter be something you wish, Sanjana Ranganathan! Then come to Martel and flop like a fish! Ready? All truths aside, Sponge-ana, oops, I mean Sanjana, is one of the most spon- taneous people at Rice University. Ad- venture is her middle name. Seriously, ask her about the time she was stuck in a flood. She is always down for impromptu trips to Halal Guys, Houston sporting events, and anything that has to do with chocolate. This do-it-all bioengineering major can be seen draining three-pointers at the Recreation Center, hitting up meetings as the chair of the Student As- sociation Wellbeing Committee, dropping bars with Rice’s Indian acapella group, Basmati Beats, and winning(?) Wiess Assassins. Once you get to know her, Sanjana is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. Whether it be listening to your problems or helping you tape up your door-jammed finger, Sanjana is willing to make time for anyone who needs her help. If Sanjana is your Advisor, consider yourself lucky and be ready for some fun times!


Matt Hrncir

matt hrncir

Just as there are very few vowels in his last name, there are very few people like Matt. As a mechanical engineering major and business minor, he knows how to solve the world’s problems and make that ca$h money all at the same time. On a sunny day, you can find him outside playing pretty much any sport, from ultimate Frisbee, to football, to volleyball, to basketball. Regardless of the sport, Matt’s competitive side makes him dive for literally any ball ever, so it’s really fun to watch. And if he’s not out scoring points for Martel’s sports teams, it’s probably because he’s busy writing out plays for our powderpuff team’s offense, cheering on the Texans like the native Houstonian that he is. Not only is Matt athletic, but he is a member of Chi Alpha and Navigators, two of Rice’s biggest Christian groups, knows Latin, and loves Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Matt also displays unique musical talent by playing the bagpipes, and is known for eating three cookies every single day at lunch. Every. Single. Day. May the force be with you as you get to know this truly great advisor!