Winifred Tung

winifred tung

Winifred Tung (also fondly known as Fred or Winnie ), is Winnie-the-Pooh in real life with her sweet heart and lovable humor. A proud California girl who will talk your ear off about boba, she’s a biochemistry major questing for the pre-med life and a business minor as well. She knows what it means to be #STEM, but she’s also wonderfully down-to-earth about it. She’s the girl next door, who’ll show up with a pot of spicy ramen if you’re starving, and the friend who’ll listen with heart and mind. Her distinct, warbling laugh is the best remedy around, as are her motherly back rubs. She’s hard to miss when she traipses across campus wearing her famous light blue parka coat in 60 degree weather. And she started the global trend of melting American Kraft cheese in ramen (which she highly endorses, but it makes no sense whatsoever). She literally slays—SLAYS—like Beyoncé when she dolls up (#cutouts) or in whatever she throws on, even when she wears patterned sushi socks over leggings in Fondren. Flawless, ladies and gentlemen. But again, what’s truly flawless is her heart. As a beautiful example of love and kindness, she’s a friend for keeps.

Lucas Bizarro-Navarro

lucas bizarro-navarro

Part time model, full time student, Lucas Alexander Bizzaro Navarro (yes, that’s his full name) spends most of his time on the go. When this Spaniard is not having international Skype calls or jaunting off to Nicaragua on business trips for Engineers Without Borders, Lucas is an aspiring doctor studying Bioengineering, who also enjoys organizing parties for Martel as a Social. Aside from his academic interests, he also enjoys playing Super Smash Bros, meeting everyone across campus, and eating all of your food. Seriously, is that box of cookies your mom brought you missing? Chances are, Lucas ate them. He’s also an avid boxer, and trains in the art of Muay Thai three times a week! Despite being a demigod of a man, Lucas is actually extremely down-to-earth. This guy is always ready to give advice or offer his shoulder to cry on, even at four in the morning. Fluent in both Spanish and French, as well as a tutor in math, chemistry, and physics, Lucas will definitely have your back academically as well. Ask him to tell you about his motherland Spain or about his childhood in Manila because he has 1,001 stories to tell if you’re willing to listen. Lucas is truly a great friend. So get psyched to have Lucas as your Advisor and get ready to have one heck of a good time!


Yin Ng

yin ng

How does Oregon native, Yin Ng like her eggs? Poached eggs served on a warm platter are the only way to this protein-powder fanatic. Do not let her small stature fool you: Yin benches and lifts (and probably deadlifts) more than you. For someone hailing from Oregon, Yin is never dressed in a scarf or a chunky sweater. Instead you’ll find her in her workout clothes from corporate Lululemon. And she doesn’t smell like a typical hipster burrowing for used clothes in the flea market; Yin Ng reeks of strong aromatic coffee beans. When she is not working her glutes, Yin is busy running Coffeehouse as a Catering Manager. After all, who is going to run around campus delivering 50 pounds of coffee beans and coffee carafes to sleep-starved students during Finals Week? So count your lucky stars, your fairy godmothers, your lucky 8-ball, because the best thing about Yin isn’t the fact that she is your Advisor. It’s the fact that she will drown you with free coffee when you need a good friend by your side.


Neil Seoni

neil seoni

Oh what!? You know Neil Seoni!? What a guy! This is the most common interaction people have when they discuss the legendary likes of Neil Seoni. So if you are blessed enough to have him as your Advisor, you really lucked out. Neil’s got a charismatic personality that makes you want to be him. Neil comes from the great Penn’s Woods just west of the city of Benjamin Franklin. Just like Benjamin Franklin, Neil can be considered a Renaissance man. He is literally good at everything. He purely dominates at Rocket League and Spike Ball too. He is even a world class im- pressionist. If you want to hear the most accurate and entertaining imitations of your fellow Martelians, come to Neil. If you’re looking for movie suggestions, then Neil is the right guy for that as well. In the famous words of Nacho Libre, “He’s the beeeeeeeest; I luuuuuve him.”