Abercrombie and Stitch

Muna Ozudike

You know when they say, “___ is doing the most?” Well, that’s Muna/Munachi/Munachimso. This girl does the most. I mean this in the sense that knowing her will make you reexamine yourself and wonder how you could ever be half the person she is. She is the kindest, most loving person you will ever meet- and therein lies the greatest juxtaposition. In all her perfection and all her love, she will inspire you to be a better person and push you to grow in ways you never thought possible. That’s right folks, she’s not president of RASA (Rice African Student Association) or head PAA for nothing. This woman really, truly cares about everything she does. She throws herself, 150% into every activity she participates in. I have seen her melt a room with her soulful voice (seriously, her voice has brought people to tears) and slay a crowd a million times over with her killer dance moves (that she choreographed because she actually does it all). And get this, on top of all that, she is also an incredible basketball player (#ballislife) and a certified genius (did someone say pre-med?). But even so, when everyone is singing her praises, she always steps back and remains humble and grounded; this woman is a true servant of God. Get ready to have your life changed in ways so remarkable, you’ll wonder how you could’ve lived a life without her.

Alec Tobin

Ever wanted to encounter the perfect person? Meet Alec Tobin, affectionately referred to as “Tobes”. When he’s not too busy working at Coffeehouse, you’ll often see him around Martel wearing his signature hats, a staple of his immaculate fashion sense, or you’ll see him doing his weird little dances. He’s lived across the States, from the West Coast to the East Coast and now Texas, and emulates the best qualities of each place. He’s super chill and tries to stay as socially aware as possible. Also, as a member of KTRU Rice Radio, he’s probably listening to an artist you’ve never heard of (most times belonging to the “edgy weepy men looking at their shoes” genre). He’s also just the nicest person you’ll meet, (sometimes un)willingly staying up until 3 in the morning to listen to you talk about your life and problems. And, if you ever have an interest in a social science, talk to Alec about it; chances are he took the intro class. To summarize, Alec is the smartest, nicest guy you’ll meet at O-Week, and you’re lucky to have him as one of your advisors!

Mayu Tobin-Miyaji

Hey you lucky new student! You may not know it yet, but you just won the advisor lottery. With a great laugh and even better smile, Mayu Tobin-Miyaji is some of the best that Martel has to offer, and now she’ll be part of your O-Week group! As a computer science and cognitive sciences major here at Rice, Mayu can often be found coding away in the Martel commons or perched on a chair at Coffeehouse. You might also find her in the OEDK, working on a Design for America project to improve the community around Rice. As a member of the Martel Violent Femmes Powderpuff team and Martel Merch Committee, blue and maroon flow through this woman’s veins. She’s always around at meal times to offer excellent conversation and amazing hugs. Without a doubt she’s the kind of person to brighten the days of all of those around her. When life gets you down, Mayu gets you back up, which is why you’re so lucky to have her as an advisor.  After you meet this awesome Martellian, you’ll never want to say “Bye – you.”

Ben Johnson

Don’t let Ben Johnson’s basic name fool you. Underneath his ever-rotating wardrobe of free Rice shirts, lies a fascinating human. Though currently residing in Greenville, South Carolina, he spent the majority of his childhood in China, Thailand, and the Philippines. At some point during his international travels, he discovered his true calling as a granola animal lover/conservation warrior/EBIO god. At Rice, you can either find him in the Saltz Lab, painting flies (which he has assured me is really quite fun) or at Coffeehouse blending whatever horrific combination has most recently caught his fancy. (He once blended a jalapeño bagel with lime syrup and the texture was …interesting…) His questionable palette has led him to become one of Taco Bell’s staunchest supporters. You can count on him to drive you there at all hours of the night, extolling the virtues of substituting beans and potato for their shady meat. You’ll always know when he’s around, not only due to his extreme height but also due to his signature saying of “lmao”! Moral of the story, you’ve lucked out more than you know. Ben is a kind, supportive, and enthusiastic Murt. He will be an excellent Advisor, but more importantly, an excellent friend.

–Mandy Weaver, Martel ‘18

Ileana Martinez

Reigning from the 305, Ileana Martínez is a true Miami girl who loves the beach and a big city skyline. Ile (ee-leh) is a rising junior studying MathEcon and Business. A proud Latina, Ile is la vicepresidenta of HACER, Rice’s Hispanic Student Association, and you’ll find her coordinating its annual Hispanic cultural show, Ritmo. Despite her position of power, Ile has a few weaknesses. Notably, anything with avocados or “doggos” (not kittens unless you want to see her sneezing!) will make her weak in the knees. Since coming to Houston, Ile has grown a strong affinity for Asian food (ask her where to get great poke or ramen). If she’s not attending a million consulting info sessions, she’s convincing you to play ping pong with her, re-watching Friends for the umpteenth time, or teaching you how to play Sushi Go, Biblios, or anything else this board game fanatic has hoarded over the years. Full of motherly instinct, Ile will always be there to take care of you whether it means making you a cup of tea when you’re sick or giving you a new perspective on any situation you throw at her. Get ready to not only have an amazing DF and Advisor but also a reliable, understanding, and loving friend.