From Hawaii with Love, Agent 626

Kalyan Chaliki

Kalyan (often called Chaliki) refers to himself as ‘incredibly mediocre,’ but that’s only because he’s the most humble person out there. There are few things that Chaliki can’t do. He’ll defeat you at chess, outplay you in ultimate (or any other IM sport), ace all of his gen chem tests, drive a car full of friends to Whataburger at any hour of the night and pretty much anything else you can think of or need him to do. Because he’s so selfless, he’ll be the coordinators’ assistant during O-Week because he really can be trusted to do it all. Don’t be alarmed if you hear him say he just wants to cut somebody open, he’s an aspiring orthopedic surgeon and is ready to get to work. Not only does he work hard in class to get the grades every pre-med dreams about, he’s also a certified EMT and will probably save your life a time or two, whether with his medical training or incredible advice and life coaching skills. Hailing from scorching Scottsdale,Arizona, he’s a fun-loving sophomore studying kinesiology with a passion for academics and he can’t wait to spend the next year with you as your advisor and friend!

Solana Buchanen

Meet Solana, or Solie for short. If you love chemicals, bicycles, the X-Files, musicals, The Great British Baking Show, Trader Joe’s Gummy Tummies (“gummy penguins”, for the unenlightened), or all of the above, then you have plenty of material to get this chemistry major talking for hours. When Solana’s not in class or in her bed wrapped up in blankets, catch her in the game room crushing her friends at Super Smash Bros. (if she chooses Corrin, it’s over), in the lab mixing chemicals (#proscientist), or in the Rice Bikes garage putting her mechanic skills up to the test. What you won’t ever catch this stylish rising sophomore doing is not killing it (dang)! Standing at a cool 5’4”, Solana is always down to eat snacks with you, discuss conspiracy theories, assert Chicago’s superiority over Houston (debatable), send you esoteric memes, and be an outstanding friend. If Solana’s your advisor you should consider yourself lucky, and if she isn’t you should still get to know her – you won’t regret it!

Jackson Schaap


Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No, it’s Jackson Schaap, a real life superman. This fearless and adventurous man not only coordinated but also chugged and biked this past year’s Beer Bike as well as cycled from Houston to Austin as part of Rice’s MS 150 team. A Mathematical Economic Analysis major and Financial Computation and Modeling minor, Jackson is working this summer as an investment analyst at Heights Investment Partners. He’s an expert on an eclectic mix of interests, including One Punch Man, EDM, Pokémon, lifting, and most of all, squids. This disciplined and dedicated stud from Longview, TX has backpacked throughout Europe and Southeast Asia, was Captain of the Rice Club Rowing Team, and is an amazing conversationalist. If you’re ever curious how a 6’2 man can put both legs behind his head, ask Jackson Schaap!

P.S. Also ask him about how he capitalized on a national emissions scandal.

Mekedlawit Setegne

Get ready to meet the most energetic person at Rice! Seems dramatic, but it’s true…especially when she’s on her fourth medium soy vanilla hazelnut frappy of the day. Standing at 4’11” (and 3/4s, she insists), all of her energy can hardly be contained in her small frame. Her extraness is so extra that you can’t find it in most retail stores. Her inability to correctly spell words is unprecedented. The size of her signature curly hair is unparalleled. While she’s sometimes busy milly rock scooping up all them blessings out her lap, she’ll never be too busy to give you amazing advice and an inevitable self-esteem boost. One of Mekedlawit’s best qualities is her multifaceted personality- you can discuss your worries with her and turn up together when success comes your way. We know you’re already sold on why you should be thanking the heavens for her, but she is more than just an amazing advisor. With Mekedlawit, you are guaranteed a mentor who will provide endless support and encouragement during your time at Rice and even beyond. Prepare to have the best O-week experience with the most brilliant and beautiful, baddest and bougiest Mekedlawit because she’s one in a million.

Colin Nyhus

How does one even begin to describe Colin Nyhus? He’s a modern Renaissance man of sorts. When he’s not busy killing it as a mechanical engineering major, you can find Colin putting in work at the gym or watching Being Mary Jane on Netflix. Colin is passionate about music, more specifically rap and R&B (think Future and 21 Savage). When he’s not listening to Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE album for the millionth time, you might find him brushing up on his jazz trumpet skills (classy, I know!). This sneaker-head can talk about the latest Yeezys and Nike Jordans for hours on end (I’m speaking from experience), so if you ever need help with your shoe game, he’s your man. Beyond shoes and music, Colin is genuinely one of the most empathetic and understanding people you’ll meet during your time at Rice. Whether you go to him to talk about social justice issues, what’s going on in your life, or even the weather, Colin is guaranteed to make you feel at home. He’s an incredible listener, an even better friend, and very excited to meet you this O-Week!