HI School Musical

Andrew Supron

When was the last time you met someone who could not only ace every chemistry test but also read the Iliad…in Ancient Greek? Look no further than Andrew Supron, a pre-med senior from Martel majoring in Chemistry and Classical Studies. He’s originally from New Jersey, but you’re more likely to find him in the lab cooking up some concoctions than relaxing at home. Not only is Andrew a hardworking student—he’s also a dedicated teacher. His positions as Head Peer Academic Advisor and Head Martel Mentor mean that he’ll always be around to help you with homework or school-related problems. Most importantly, there’s no reason to worry about General Chemistry because you have the star TA as your advisor! It might seem like Andrew has no time to relax, but he can always fit in a few hours to play video games (if you’re bold, you could challenge him to a game of Smash). It’s clear that you’re getting both a great advisor and a great friend in Andrew!

Nisha Patel

Nisha is one of the craziest, loudest and most energetic people you will meet here at Rice. If you are from Boston (or live anywhere in the state of Massachusetts), Nisha will undoubtedly say hi to you during O-week. You know when she is at Martel because her loud voice and laugh carries throughout every hall. When Nisha is not saving people’s lives as an EMT, she will be watching her Patriots win the superbowl (again), kicking butt in Powderpuff, or tripping over absolutely nothing and injuring her ankles.

On top of the laundry list of activities that Nisha does, she is also a member of Martel’s socials committee. The team will be in charge of all the parties at Martel this year, and who better to throw them than someone who loves to PARTY?!?! This avid kinesiology major is known for her big heart, love of Netflix and her classic butt-skooch dance moves. If you need someone to walk with you to Starbucks, or you have an unreasonable love for mac and cheese, Nisha is your girl!

Erik Yamada

Erik is perennial all-star at almost everything. He’s the top basketball player in the league (IM League), an incredibly empathetic friend, and also a talented thinker. Don’t ask him about this though, because he’ll deny it. Erik spent his first year not really knowing what to study, then in his sophomore year found a passion for computer science and has since declared his major accordingly. Erik’s hobbies include being from Hawaii, surfing, and eating. He eats a lot. And then he eats more. He has a passion for service and is an active member of Design for America. He’s also the captain of the Club Basketball team. Most importantly, however, Erik is an incredible friend with a big heart who loves to spend quality time w   ith those he holds dear.

Isabel White

This senior MATH major is traveling all the way from Wiess College to be a part or Martel O-week! So, get HYPE, because every minute you spend with this girl will change your life. Hailing from the humble town of Bethesda, MD? Wait… San Marcos, TX? … Wait no… Tegucigalpa, Honduras? Lansing, MI? All the above! This coffee loving Latina, Isabel White (or should I say latte-na) came to Rice with one mission in mind: to grace the city of Houston with her magnificent presence. Between problem sets of Geometry and Topology, Isabel makes time for a range of activities, including zumba and open mic nights. She has more rhythm than Shakira and a voice that would knock the socks off Queen Beyoncé, herself. You can typically find her in Coffeehouse attempting to be productive, but people love her so much that that rarely happens. If you feel a bit more adventurous, she will gladly explore the Greater Houston coffee scene with you. She’s got an infectious laugh, and a captivating smile with the personality to go with it. She is always willing to help, giving advice ranging from how to choose your major to how to pick a good Instagram caption.  She’s compassionate and humble, and she knows the best quotes from the worst movies. With Isabel as your advisor, your O-week will be a big adventure, no hoopla.


Kaarthika Thakker

kaarthika hll

Imagine you’re taking a walk around campus with your beautiful, amazing Diversity Facilitator, Kaarthika Thakker. (This could very well happen in real life. Kaarthika likes walks. She took a whole class about walking). First you’d probably notice that she walks very slowly – her pace is almost glacial. Maybe she’s weighed down by her giant orange water bottle, or maybe her parachute pants are catching the wind and slowing her down. It’s okay though – this snail-like speed gives you time to talk. Kaarthika likes talking. She’ll ask you lots of deep, personal questions. She’ll also tell you about herself. She’ll tell you all about the hidden gems of her home state of Ohio. Your first stop on this walk is the KTRU station, where Kaarthika dominates the airwaves on the reg. You talk about music – she knows many a band and her music taste is better than yours. It just is. It’s a fact. Next, you’ll go to Coffeehouse, Kaarthika’s favorite study spot/second home. She’ll inevitably run into someone from one of her classes, and you’ll end up talking about computer science or sociology, her two majors. Then you’ll pop over to the Women’s Resource Center to chat with whoever’s there. You might talk about art, which Kaarthika knows so much about it almost seems like she’s speaking in an incomprehensible code. On the way out of the RMC, Kaarthika will point out her spirit tree. Why don’t I have a spirit tree, you might ask. It’s okay, Kaarthika will help you find it as you walk back to her room at Lovett for a cup of tea – she has tea out the wazoo and can make mean cup of Chai.