Quidstitch Cup

Adrish Anand

adrish anand

Adrish is what we at Martel call a Pegasus. You’ll never find anybody like Adrish because they don’t exist. Towering over the competition, Adrish is a staggering 5 feet 5 inches of pure fun, but don’t think you can beat him at basketball because his 3 foot vertical and amazing pace allows him to soar like an eagle. This Unicorn came to Rice for the boba and food. He knows all the Houston hotspots and will gladly take you there Saturday nights. He turned down the chance to play volleyball at UCLA to be here, and he is Rice Baylor, and these need to be in his bio because they are amazing feats that Adrish would never tell you about. After growing up in Los Angeles, Adrish has been molded into one of the nicest and best friends a kid could ask for. He doesn’t say anything bad about anybody, and he is always there to support you in whatever dumb endeavor you’re doing. The only bad thing about Adrish is how good he is at Rocket League. If you aren’t familiar with apology rules, then you will be after playing him a few times. He makes all his friends better peoples because of his greatness. I can’t think of a better advisor, Pegasus or person, than Adrish.

Julie Thamby

julie thamby

Ridiculously radiant and surpassingly sincere, Julie is an Arizona native known for her love of boba and Biochemistry. When she’s not dancing on the Rice Bhangra team or fundraising for the Rice Annual Fund, Julie can be found taking Buzzfeed quizzes or watching rom coms. Last year, this passionate pre-med taught a choreography class for middle schoolers, did diabetes research, and finished all eight seasons of House in six weeks. Though this amazing advisor still doesn’t know how to swim, is scared of dogs, and checks her email inbox religiously, Julie will always be there to help you with whatever you need. If you’re looking for good Indian food or someone to watch the Bachelor with, Julie is your girl. Caring, down to earth, and always willing to listen—Julie is a fantastic friend who can’t wait to meet you!

Marisa Hudson

marisa hudson

Marisa (muh-ree-suh) and her boho-chic fashion hail from Austin, Texas. She’s one of those Rice students who does it all. She studies Cognitive Science…and biochemistry…and Spani   sh, with the hope to one day be your doctor. She reads the news every day. She leads the Low Keys, Rice’s girls-only acapella group. She has been your Martel Senator, Beer Bike women’s team captain, Powderpuff player, and like five other things that she just told me and I already forgot. This year might be her last, but don’t expect her to sizzle out. She’s ready to go out with a bang. She’s freshly back from a semester in sunny England (you’ll maybe be able to tell from her pasty skin), so she’s eager to enjoy everything Rice has to offer once more. I don’t just mean stiff-necked, academic things like medical school advising and Martel governance. No, Marisa might be a senior, but she’s a child at heart. If you ever need her, check to see if she’s doing acroyoga in the Martel quad, or hanging from a tree near Brochstein, or running around the outer loop, or doing handstands in the commons. She loves to jump and climb and run, and she loves doing it with others even more. She’s kind, caring, compassionate, and she will put her all into being a great advisor. If you’re in her group, then you’ve really caught the Golden snitch in this one.

Joe Holden

joe holden

Joe Holden doesn’t sleep– he just waits. This crazy kid is the human equivalent of a unicorn, so majestic and composed that you can’t help but wonder what he is capable of when he’s angry. An ROTC member since high school, not only does this bad boy know the difference between a missile and a rocket, but he will make your O-Week explosive. With fun. Speaking of explosive, ask him to demonstrate his dance moves. Or don’t. TBH I’m not convinced you could witness something so life changing without experiencing some sort of shock-induced health problem. On a normal day, Joe can be found sipping on his over priced coffee and werk werk werking on his Biochem homework. An avid Ariana Grande fan, this patriot puts the “free” into “Break Free”. If Orange is the New Black- then Joe is the New Englander who will make your O-Week as hype as possible. Remember, anything he does, “he does it big”, and that’s a fact, and general rule of thumb: Joe doesn’t show up late to parties: he is the party.

Colin Nyhus

colin nyhus - QC

How does one even begin to describe Colin Nyhus? He’s a modern Renaissance man of sorts. When he’s not busy killing it as a mechanical engineering major, you can find Colin putting in work at the gym or watching Being Mary Jane on Netflix. Colin is passionate about music, more specifically rap and R&B (think Future and 21 Savage). When he’s not listening to Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE album for the millionth time, you might find him brushing up on his jazz trumpet skills (classy, I know!). This sneaker-head can talk about the latest Yeezys and Nike Jordans for hours on end (I’m speaking from experience), so if you ever need help with your shoe game, he’s your man. Beyond shoes and music, Colin is genuinely one of the most empathetic and understanding people you’ll meet during your time at Rice. Whether you go to him to talk about social justice issues, what’s going on in your life, or even the weather, Colin is guaranteed to make you feel at home. He’s an incredible listener, an even better friend, and very excited to meet you this O-Week!