The Lilo, The Stitch and The Wardrobe

Ria Sur    

Meet the owner of the most beautiful puppy eyes and owner of the cutest labradoodle at Rice, Ria. Born and raised here in Houston, Ria has lived in so many neighborhoods that she sometimes forget the name of the one she lives at now. She is an avid Obi Wan lover, an amazing dancer of the Rice Rasikas and an affectionate volunteer coordinator for Period Project. But most importantly, she is the nicest person you’ll ever know, just not in the morning hours when she’s snoozing through all her alarms. Ask her anything anytime, cause she’ll always be up later than you are and even if she doesn’t know the answer to your question, she’ll stay on her laptop until she finds it for you. Besides looking for her keys all the time, her hobbies include killing it at Super Smash Bros and blowing up group chats with the funniest remarks. Get ready for a wild ride with this biochem pre-med and be prepared to have your heart stolen by her!

Danna Ghafir

As a new student at Rice, you’ve probably got a list of things you want to accomplish once you get to campus for the first time. Well it’s time to add something to the top (that’s right, the top) of that list: get Danna Ghafir’s autograph. This girl is gonna be famous someday. Just listen to her sing for 5 seconds and you’ll know what I mean. Whether it’s with her band, Half Patrick, her a cappella group, Nocturnal, or as her popstar persona, DANNA, she just needs to belt a couple of lines to bring the crowd to its feet. As if being a musical goddess wasn’t enough for her, Danna also destroys the curve in all of her biochemistry classes, looks out for her friends with the ferocious intensity of a mama bear, and always has her finger on the pulse of the dankest Facebook memes. Her Snapchats are wicked, she’s the life of every after party, and she can really pull off leopard print. Don’t worry though, she has a weakness, and it is pugs; just show her one picture and she’ll squeal.

Tien Nguyen

Pro chè maker. Laidback premed. Sometimes says “dinner” when he means lunch. Who is this legend? TIEN NGUYEN

Sporting many, many veins, his toned physique may intimidate you, but he’s secretly a romantic. Tien takes great pleasure in the finer things in life, like walks on the beach and classy dining. In fact, if he’s not too busy destROYing people in Smash, he may grace you with a trip to froyo or late-night in Chinatown. What Tien lacks in general sensibilities, he makes up for in his genuine, warm smiles and compassion for his friends. Just one piece of advice for you freshmen: remember to guard your heart against his masterful fencing skills, or he’ll be sure to Nguyen you over.

Ben Coben

Meet your new advisor BEN COBEN! This New Jersey born native makes a great advisor as long as you can get past his Jersey accent. When Ben isn’t busy being 6’5” you can catch him on the basketball courts at the Rec or complaining about his school work. This Civil Engineer in the making is Chipotle’s best customer and is always looking for some company on the walk so get ready to eat more Chipotle than you ever have! Ben may not have the best style, (I’ve seen him rock socks and sandals multiple times) but on occasion (AKA laundry day) you can catch him looking super sharp in his last clean shirt – a crisp blue button down. Ben is a genuine, funny, super social guy and just a really good time. There are few things Ben cares about more than his friends and as his new student you’re about to become one of them!

Ileana Martinez

Reigning from the 305, Ileana Martínez is a true Miami girl who loves the beach and a big city skyline. Ile (ee-leh) is a rising junior studying MathEcon and Business. A proud Latina, Ile is la vicepresidenta of HACER, Rice’s Hispanic Student Association, and you’ll find her coordinating its annual Hispanic cultural show, Ritmo. Despite her position of power, Ile has a few weaknesses. Notably, anything with avocados or “doggos” (not kittens unless you want to see her sneezing!) will make her weak in the knees. Since coming to Houston, Ile has grown a strong affinity for Asian food (ask her where to get great poke or ramen). If she’s not attending a million consulting info sessions, she’s convincing you to play ping pong with her, re-watching Friends for the umpteenth time, or teaching you how to play Sushi Go, Biblios, or anything else this board game fanatic has hoarded over the years. Full of motherly instinct, Ile will always be there to take care of you whether it means making you a cup of tea when you’re sick or giving you a new perspective on any situation you throw at her. Get ready to not only have an amazing DF and Advisor but also a reliable, understanding, and loving friend.