Rooms at Martel


Martel, despite no longer being the newest of Rice’s eleven colleges, still has the best rooms (We’re actually the fourth youngest building, following the brand new McMurtry and Duncan and the opening of new Wiess in 2003). Martel has approximately 230 beds available for students, plus two Resident Associate (RA) apartments, and an apartment for visiting faculty. Most rooms at Martel are “suite-style,” meaning that a number of rooms (between 2 and 6) share a common room and bathroom. All rooms in the Colleges are furnished with the necessities by Rice Housing & Dining. Every room at Martel also has its own bathroom, generally with two sinks and a shower, though it varies depending on the type of room. 

There are six different types of rooms at Martel (including the rare ones of which there are only one or two). Keep reading for a brief description of Quads and Hexes, the two most common kinds of room at Martel (though we also have a scant number of independent doubles and singles). In general, our freshmen are paired with roommates and our upperclassmen live in single rooms within larger suites.

In addition to the furniture provided by H&D, the Martel Floor Lords provide some other essentials that you can borrow when you need them (things like vacuums, brooms, mops, blenders, etc). Click here to learn more.


Most of the rooms at Martel are quads, meaning that they have 4 beds. There are quad doubles (which is where most freshmen live) and quad singles. (Quad doubles have two rooms with two beds each, quad doubles have four rooms with one bed each.) Quads, like all rooms at Martel, share a bathroom and a common room.



There are eleven hex rooms at Martel, each with six beds. Five of them are hex doubles (the Sallyport rooms, and 106), and the other six are hex singles (the corner towers). Hexes have larger common rooms than quads and a different style of bathroom. The Sallyport hexes have glass doors leading out of their common rooms, and the corner hexes have a small hallway leading to their common room door. (Corner hex common rooms also have only one small window, as opposed to the full wall of windows most common rooms have.) The rooms in the Sallyport hexes are all approximately equal in size, while the corner hex singles vary in size.


Furniture at Martel

Martel provides – or rather, Housing & Dining – provides every student at Martel with 5 pieces of furniture: a bed (with an XL twin mattress), a desk, a chest of 3 drawers, a chair and a wardrobe. Upon request, students can get a small bookcase and a floor lamp, as well. This furniture all has a birch veneer and is pretty solidly built.

Bathrooms at Martel

We’re pretty lucky at Martel: we don’t have to deal with communal bathrooms. The worst ratio you’ll ever face in bathrooms at Martel is four people using one shower, one toilet, and two sinks. Normal quads have two sinks, one shower and one toilet and two doors – a door separates the bathroom from the common room and one separates the toilet from the bathroom. Hexes have two sinks, two stall-style toilets and two showers, with one door separating the bathroom from the common room. All bathrooms have two mirrors.