Frank and Carrie Toffoletto


Welcome to Martel – The Best College Ever!

Meet Frank and Carrie Toffoletto!  We have been Martel Associates since the college opened in 2001 and we are enjoying now entering our third year as Martel College Magisters. Martel is more than just a college, it is a family – an amazing family grown and cultivated by your predecessors and ours over the past 17 years, and we take our role as stewards of this environment seriously. This includes advising the college government team; maintaining a healthy, respectful and safe community; providing academic leadership; and generally being here to address any needs you might have. If we don’t have the answers, we can connect you to resources both on- and off-campus.

Frank came to Rice from his home in Melbourne, Australia in 1982 to study Space Physics. Frank is a first generation Australian-Italian and the first in his family to go to high school and to university. He is now a Professor in the Physics and Astronomy Department and would be happy to talk to you anytime about his research or anything related to science and math. Frank enjoys cooking, traveling, riding his bike, and photography, although he is not particularly good at the latter two! Carrie is an (almost) native Texan and a first generation college graduate. After earning a BBA from Texas A&M University followed by her Master of Arts in Teaching from Rice, she taught for 20 years in traditional and Montessori middle schools. She joined the Rice staff in 2012 and is currently the Executive Administrator in the Office of the Provost. Carrie enjoys stories of all kinds – books, movies, TV series – and has been known to write and tell stories of her own. She also enjoys crafts, so scrapbooking has been her way to record and share the family stories.

In true Italian fashion, feeding students has been a center point of our activities with Martel and a tradition we plan to continue. Working together on projects is a great way to establish relationships and we find preparing a meal together to be an excellent short-term project with immediately gratifying results! Look for invitations to join us for cooking labs at Martel House starting this fall; we will teach you to make our own family favorites and invite you to share your family favorites as well.  If you aren’t a chef, feel free to join the party anyway as an observer or taster.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing your new adventure at Martel! We hope to see you making your impact on The Best College Ever by attending parliament, getting active in the government, and socializing in the commons. We don’t like to eat alone, so please join us for lunch or dinner sometime!