Chief Justice

You’ve met the Masters, RAs and President, but now is the time to meet your new best friend, me, Gabrielle Falcon. My friends call me Gabby so feel free to do the same:).  It is my honor to be the Chief Justice (CJ) at the best college ever: MARTEL!!! AS your CJ, I am in charge of security at the two public parties Martel hosts and registering private parties that you may want to have. On top of this, I handle any noise complaints, and ensure that the college can keep the fun in (fun)ctional. The other side to my job is making sure the Martel Constitution is not only followed and updated in order to keep with the changing times and culture of our beautiful college. My 6 Associate Justices and I make sure all Martelians know what constitutes a violation of the Judicial Code, educate Martelians on the Alcohol Policy, charge Martelians on damages, hold trials for disputed charges, etc. Even though this may all seem scary, each of these things ensures the safety of yourself and Martel as a whole.

But don’t worry, I would not be able to be a good CJ without letting myself and Martel have some fun! If you ever need me, you can catch me at Coffeehouse where I am a proud manager, on the sundeck either enjoying the weather or dancing to music, and the Martel commons where I attempt to get work done and normally end up procrastinating by looking at memes. I can’t wait to meet you all, and welcome to the family that is Martel College!

If you ever need to contact me, you can reach me at 817-992-5328.